Nigerian varsities get $100m tech fund


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Nigerian varsities get $100m tech fund
Posted on: June 05, 2015, 08:22:38 PM
Efforts to get technology intervention fund to improve learning experiences and academic outcome for students in the Nigeria universities have started yielding the expected results.

Diamond Bank, Samsung Electronics and Softcom Limited recently secured a partnership to provide a special $100 million technology intervention fund for the Nigerian education system

The intervention comes ahead of the future ready university conference to be hosted by Covenant University next month.

Already, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed to seal the strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics, Diamond Bank Plc and Softcom.

This development would enable other Nigerian universities replicate the mobile learning programme already in operational in Covenant University.

Managing Director/CEO, Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Uzoma Dozie, who disclosed this to Technology journalists at a press conference in Lagos said the mobile learning programme was the future of education which had successfully been kick-started at Covenant University.

He said: “Diamond Bank is investing in this programme as we realise and appreciate this initiative as the future of classroom learning which fits into our strategic roadmap as a leading financial institution.”

Also speaking, Brovo Kim, Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa said: “Samsung is committed to consistent innovation and technological development especially in the area of education.

Classroom learning has taken a new shape over the past years and right now, we are convinced that this remarkable project will help students to have a better grasp of what is being taught in the classroom, help teachers to ensure every student is carried along in the learning process and help parents and guardians to regularly monitor and evaluate their wards’ course work.

For Yomi Adedeji, Managing Partner, Softcom, the objective was to extend the classroom in a social manner without altering the behaviour of the Student.

He said: “Today we have achieved that for Covenant University and working with Samsung and Diamond Bank we want to extend it to every Nigerian University.”

“ Technology is driving every aspect of our lives and its the quickest way to close the huge gap in our educational system. At the Future Ready University conference we will unveil new methodologies that will heal tertiary institutions advance quickly using Technology”, he explained.

The Future Ready University conference hosted by Covenant University in Partnership with Softcom, Samsung Electronics and Diamond Bank is expected to have in attendance over 150 key decision makers from 50 invited private and public universities across Nigeria


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