Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur


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Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur
Posted on: June 09, 2015, 08:16:09 AM
Just woke up, and had this on my mind. what do you think?

1. Love what you do.
The road to success is a hard one. It's a lot easier if you're passionate about your business's purpose. "If you don't [love what you do], it's hard to be successful. You need to maintain your optimism. Once it's gone, you're done."

2. Be willing to have a beginning
Youth of this generation are so much in a hurry to get what they want even if it cost them their lives. There's no shortcut to success peeps. Like I said before "the road to success is a hard one. Be willing to start small only then will you grow. There's no harm in failing, it only builds you more and prepares you for the tasks ahead.

3. Build a team immersed in your vision.
"For me, it's more than just hiring experienced people. Most important is to build a team of people which understand, are willing to learn and move forward for common goal of growth, and success.

4. Come up with innovative ways to solve problems.
Necessity really is the mother of invention. Therefore the key is look around you, identify the needs, wants, and necessities and find out ways to tackle them.

5. Create a delightful customer experience.
Several components come together to win customers, and everyone at the company needs to know their own role in retaining customers. "It's mission critical that everyone on our team understands how they fit into the brand and what they bring to the value chain that delivers a successful customer experience.

6. Quickly learn from your mistakes.
Mistakes are inevitable. The key is to learn from them – fast.

7. Rely on people smarter than you.
You can't know and do everything. You must rely on others. Surround yourself with people who know more than you do. They will lead, guide and mentor you through the process.

8. You must maintain integrity.
Integrity is a thing of the mind. Its not something you are innately born with. You build integrity, same goes for honesty. To reflect integrity is to invest trust and to possess integrity is to command respect. Simply put, when you possess integrity, you command respect. Peeps! Please please please I beg you! Be honest in your dealings with people. Never ever sacrifice quality ... not for any reason... ultimate law!

9. Make up your mind to succeed.
Stay optimistic and always...positive.

10. Be ready to work
HWP - Hard Work Pays...Labour in the days of thy youth. Endure the pressure now so you can enjoy the pleasure later.