How to stop android background data consumption


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How to stop android background data consumption
Posted on: June 15, 2015, 05:38:16 AM
The major problem most people face today is that Android phones consumes more data than any other device but this article is about how to stop android background data consumption which will help stop your android phone from consuming more than it should.

However, some apps such as Gmail would provide you with the option to limiting the frequency at which they consume data by configuring it to update your email at desired regular intervals, but as this might not go down well with some, or you wish to stop some apps like Facebook where this option is not found, disabling background usage of datais key. Now only would the internet bills keep piling up if you do nothing, your battery as well gets drained.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to disable or stop background data usage so as not to waste unnecessary data, and saving some cash at the end of the month, and as well your battery.

Note that this methods works on Android 4.0 JellyBean, and above.

Below is a guide on how you can restrict background data usage on your android device running android 4.0 jelly bean and above.

How to Restrict Background Data on Android

*.Step 1:. Simple go to your Android Phone’s Settings.

*.Step 2:. Select Data Usage.

*.Step 3:Now tap on the three vertical dots to the top right and select Restrict Background Data. ( On some devices, the Restrict background data may not be placed in the same location )

It’s as easy as that, you’ve successfully disabled background data usage on your android device. Now I’ll like to hear from your.

Here is the apps that consumes more data:

In Descending order:

5. Android Native Browser
Number 5 on the list is the browser that comes preinstalled on Android devices. While it doesn’t use as much data as some other brand-name browsers, it’s still a high data user.

4. YouTube
No surprise here,movie and video streaming apps such as YouTube eat up a lot of data.

3. Instagram
Social-media sites,especially those like Instagram that are image and video heavy also use a lot of data,especially if its users are not only browsing,but also uploading their own images and videos.

2. Facebook
This is yet another social network site on the list that consumes a lot of data.

1. Google Chrome
Out of all the browsers,and across all 10,000 apps we looked at Google Chrome uses the most mobile data.

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