My Wife's Friend Is Pressuring Me Into Having An Affair With Her


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My Friend's wife is making my once easy
life very complicated. I have a very close
friend. We went through the same
secondary school and university. We are
both working for different multinational
companies. We are very comfortable and
have a very wonderful family. My
Friend's wife wants an affair with me.
She's so open about it and I have told her
it's a big No. She disturbs me with calls
and love text messages. I have not told
my wife and I have not told my friend.
Recently my friend travelled to US on a
training and he called me about 11P.m
that I should help take the wife to his
company's clinic because according to
my friend she was in crises. My wife did
not object to my rendering this
assistance at that time of the night and I
took the risk for a friend but when I got
there, the two kids were already in bed. I
was expecting to see her in a critical
state, but she was not. The next thing
she did was to send her maid upstairs to
stay with the kids that she was going to
the hospital and will lock up. I noticed
that she was trying to feign some
abdominal pains in front of the maid. All
of a sudden, she came up and held me
tight. I manage to take her to my car and
I ended up driving her around the streets
of Ph. She confessed she wanted to
sleep with me and that we should lodge
somewhere till morning. I told her to give
me time to think about it. This was just
for me to return her home. Should I tell
my wife and her husband? Please help I
am not myself anymore.