"All Teachers Must Be Computer Literate or They Won't Be Promoted " Warns Anambra State Govt


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Commissioner for Education, Prof. Kate
Omenugha has said it is mandatory for all
teachers in the state to be computer literate,
or such teacher should forget about
promotion. The commissioner said though a
lot of the teachers have been frowning
against this development that would bring
improvement in the education sector, but
any teacher that fails to acquire the
knowledge before January 2016 should
forget about being promoted. Such teachers
will remain where they are, she explained to
journalists yesterday in her office. “There has
been misinformation and misconception,
with bad blood being generated on the policy
of one-teacher-one-computer. When the
NCE took the decision in 2012, it was
binding on all states and because of the
forward-looking nature of the present
administration, we decided to implement it.
“When we took over, the state government
evolved a blueprint on the implementation of
the one-teacher-one-laptop policy and by
January 2016, every teacher in the state
must be computer literate, otherwise there
will be no promotion for non-computer
literate teachers.
“Similarly, any new teacher to be employed
in the state must be computer literate. What
we promised Anambra State people is to
give our children an education that is
competitive and no pupil can rise above his
teacher that is not computer literate, a
situation we do not want.
“We made it clear that teachers should key
in into the programme voluntarily. It is not
mandatory, contrary to what many people
are insinuating. We know that making
changes often come with resistance, but this
is one change that is important for the future
of education in our state,” she said.