Why I can’t become a producer — Kate Henshaw


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Why I can’t become a producer — Kate Henshaw
Posted on: July 11, 2015, 11:58:34 AM
Top actress, Kate Henshaw has vowed never to delve into film production until the menace of piracy is totally eradicated in the country.

Kate made the vow, in a chat with HVP, at the launch of Africa Magic new sitcom, “Do Good” during the week. She said, “I am not called to produce films yet, because I need to have everything perfect. Until the deal with piracy in this country, I won’t delve into producing films. Piracy need to be eradicated to a zero level in Nigeria.

The actress, who said her new movie, “Ëqual Journal”will soon hit the market, advocated the need for government to put strident measures in place to tackle the menace of piracy in the country.


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