South South will suffer because of GEJ mistake-OBJ


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South South will suffer because of GEJ mistake-OBJ
Posted on: July 18, 2015, 07:22:18 PM
According to Former President Olusegun
Obasanjo, for a long time to come, the
people of South-South zone of Nigeria
would bear the results whether positive
or negative, of the years President
Goodluck Jonathan was president of
Obasanjo said, “I have also said that you
can help anybody to get a job but you
cannot help him to do it. Let us get it
clear, there is nobody who has got into
any position who has not been helped by
one person or more than one person.
"To become Nigeria’s head of state, it
was first of all my performance in the war
front. Now if General Gowon had not
sent me to the war front, you won’t know
whether I can perform or cannot perform.
Now, he sent me to the war front, I thank
him for it and because I performed we
shared the credit. If I had failed, Gowon
would not have shared the credit, he
would not have shared the
condemnation with me, I would have
been alone.
“Yes as I have said, I believe that
opportunity afforded itself in 2010 for
somebody from the minority to on his
own steam, become the president of
Nigeria. He should never have lost the
opportunity but what he did with it was
entirely up to him and don’t forget, what
he did or did not do with it, will reflect for
a long time on that part of the country
and don’t take that lightly.
"...but nobody will be there who will not
be helped but we voted for him, I was
only one of the 18 million voters who
voted for him.”
He spoke in Benin on the backdrop of
criticism that he worked assiduously in
making Jonathan President and
therefore should share in the perceived
failure of the administration.