Signs of a real Man


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Signs of a real Man
Posted on: July 18, 2015, 11:57:51 PM
Marriage is meant for matured minds.
You may be up to thirty years of age
but still not matured for marriage.
There are indications to show that
someone is matured and ready for
1. He must be Responsible. Ready to
pick up the responsibility of his or her
2. He must be able to Respect the
opinion of others.
3. He must be ready to Recognize
the value and worth of his spouse.
4. He must be able to take sound
decision on his own.
5. He must be apt to teach and
ready to be taught.
6. He must be industrious and
7. He must not be easily influenced
by either parents or peer pressure.
8. He is able to judiciously manage
resources no matter the meager
salary he earns.
9. He is wise enough to keep the
secret of his spouse.
10. He is willing to admits his fault
and keep the love in an harmonious


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