Marriage is a beautiful experience – Paul Okoye (Psquare)


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Marriage is a beautiful experience – Paul Okoye (Psquare)
Posted on: August 04, 2015, 10:51:43 PM
One of the sensational music duo, Psquare’s Paul Okoye has described Marriage as “a beautiful experience”, saying unless you are married you will hardly discover the truth about it.

Paul got married to his loving wife, Anita, last year. In a brief chat with WG, the superstar said, “I never knew it’s a beautiful experience until I married my wife. If you are not married, you will never discover the truth about it,” Continuing, Paul said, “Whenever I sit down and look at my kids, I always say, Oh my God, these are my kids! I love my kids and I love my wife. That’s why I’m always smiling.”


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