Warning To those who wants to play Baba Ijebu Lotto


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Warning To those who wants to play Baba Ijebu Lotto
Posted on: August 07, 2015, 11:23:23 PM
This warning is to those who are playing lotto and those who still want to join the gambling life (Lotto) i have writen something about lotto if you follow this link titled HOW TO PLAY AND WIN BABA IJEBU LOTTO NIGERIA WINNING NUMBER

But i decided to explain more mostly for those who still want to join lotto world, first you must know that lotto is a dangerous gambling and you must understand how it works so that you will not be fooled by anyone.

I always tell you that there is nothing like 100% in lotto and yet you are searching all the web looking for someone who will give you a 100% sure number in lotto definitely you are the one fooling yourself and you will be the one to call them 419 while you are the one who don't know what you are doing.

There are many forecasters online claiming to have 100% sure numbers trust me when ever you are looking for lotto sure number, you are just looking for where to spent your money because in everything you do in life you should understand that nothing Good comes easy.

Many Nigerians rush to play lotto without even knowing how it works or even the meaning and always hoping to make millions in hours or days but am sorry to those who think that way because i will ask you some questions.

Do you think lotto is that simple and you still see poor people in Nigeria?

Do you think that if forecasters win millions everyday that they will not be the riches in Nigeria?

So you want to use:
₦10 to win ₦2400
₦20 to win ₦4800
₦30 to win ₦7200
₦40 to win ₦9600
₦50 to win ₦12000
₦100 to win ₦24,000
₦200 to win ₦48,000
₦500 to win ₦120,000
₦1000 to win 240,000?

You see what you can win with your money and you think is going to be that easy to win?

Lotto is really a dangerous game and you must understand how it works.

You can start lotto today and win millions but can as well play lotto for 3months without winning anything and if you don't believe better believe now because that is the simple truth about lotto.

If lotto helps 10 thousand people, i bet you it destroys millions of people and when ever you decide to be playing lotto then try to understand that nothing is sure.

Looking for Lotto Forecasters:

Getting 1 or 2 numbers out of 90 numbers is not easy and don't expect it to be easy to anybody irrespective of being lotto forecaster or not

There is nothing bad looking for extra help from those you believe that has more experience than you but i must warn you to desist from those who tell you that they have 100% sure number because if they really do, they will just play it and become one of the richest guys in Nigeria.

Paying them to help you is not bad either but you must understand that your payment will not change the lotto rules which is "no certainty" in lotto.

I also have my own lotto club but i made it clear there is nothing like 100% in lotto we only try our best day and night trying to see their plans not that we are God or those who claim to have sure and unfailing numbers.

In our lotto club some people is lucky to win big money at the very first day they joined the club while some might not be that lucky to win immediately until after many trying and that is how lotto works nothing is 100%. sure

I must warn you once again:

If you are paying someone to help you because you must win pls don't join any lotto group or club!

Don't shout 419 because forecaster can only try their best but they are not the one drawing the lotto results that is why there is nothing like 100% sure and when you decided to join any club or group all risk as open you just play to be lucky.

Never put all your trust in lotto for any reason because in lotto failure is 98% while success is only 2% and if you still don't believe me try and see yourself.

Note: We no longer advertise for anybody to join our lotto club God has been wonderful to us and we play lotto for fun, if anything comes out of it we will be happy though so when you decided to join our lotto club you must understand that we can only try our possible best and will not promise to make you rich over night because lotto is a game like every other games which means that anything can happen.

Warning to those who never play lotto but wants to join:
So you just want to give it a try wow! just got some advice for you:

Once you start playing lotto stopping it will be hard.

You have decided to enter into a dangerous gambling and two things are involved either it destroys you or you succeeds through it.

Are you ready to be risking your money if not never try it talk more of starting it.

Lotto hardly helps when you need that help most but when least expected.

Finally i don't know if i have just discouraged you from playing lotto or stops you from joining our lotto club but truthfully am only trying to tell you everything about lotto so that you don't make mistakes.

You can read more about lotto and our lotto club here HOW TO PLAY AND WIN BABA IJEBU LOTTO NIGERIA WINNING NUMBER we are not one of those 419's and will never be, that is why i decided to tell you the truth about lotto because there is nothing to hide.

Thanks and God bless us all.

Udeme Vincent

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Re: Warning To those who wants to play Baba Ijebu Lotto
#1 Posted on: November 24, 2019, 09:22:43 AM
Send me bankers for today's game

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