6 Reasons why you are not yet rich (making money)


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6 Reasons why you are not yet rich (making money)
Posted on: August 12, 2015, 10:50:37 PM
Do you know that you are not meant to be poor?
If you don’t know I will tell you but before then I want you to know that you can decide and become who you want to be but you must work it out yourself that is why I decided to tell you 6 Reasons why you are not yet rich.

1. You have not decided yet:
The first thing you should take care off in life is to determine what you want and the possible way to get it because life is not what you can fold you hands and wait for manna to fall from heaven, you must understand that you can never reach to your destination without first knowing your destination and you cannot equally reach to your destination without knowing the way to your destination.

2. You are not following the right path:
Let us assume you know what you want, how do you intend to get what you want?
Make sure to follow the right path that can read you to your destination and when you miss the right path then your success will be delayed or destroyed entirely.

You want to be an Engineer?
First you need to form the habit of reading and the right path to be an engineer is as follows
Choose a Science subjects in secondary school.

Read hard and make sure you are good in Physics subjects and other relevant science subjects and that will be your starting point.
Following the wrong path means studying Accountant while dreaming to be an Engineer or Doctor

3. You are miss managing the little resource you have:
Am sure that you might be making little money right now, how do you manage it or don’t you think you can start from somewhere with the little money you have.

Some guys will have more than 10 girlfriends and will be sending at least N500 call credit to each of them every week and when you multiply N500 to 10 you will see that you are spending N5000 not to talk about the Sunday outings and yet you want to make more money while you are busy wasting the little one you have on things that don’t have second hand value.

4. You need quick Money:
Two of my friends was asking last time how I made my money that they want to start like me but after I told them my real story how I started in 2012 and suffered till now they all ran away and never show any interest in doing the type of business I do and I went on to ask one of them and he replied “Guy I need sharp, sharp money that they can’t work for years before they can start making money” You see most of you want to make money as fast as possible forgetting that making money is never easy and will never be easy, you must start from somewhere.

The funny thing is that you might reject all the opportunity you have to make money all in the name of making sharp money and yet after 3 years you will still remain where you are, so better start now.

5. You are doing the right thing at the wrong time:

Are you the type that likes doing big boy even when you know you have nothing in your pocket?
The truth is that is not bad to do big boy but I will tell you that  “ when you use the time you need to hustle to do big boy then be ready to hustle when you supposed to be doing big boy and reaping what you sows.

6. You are not investing with the little you have:
Are you a business man with one shops for 15 years now and yet nothing to show for it?
You must know how to invest and have branches or invest in other things that will be generating money for you because most people will believe that they are doing well because they bought a car and has been able to pay their house rent no’ you need to have more shop in difference places or any other profitable business that can earn you more money.

Finally I hope you have learned something that can help you become rich within a short time because you are meant to be rich not poor all you need is to make few positive changes in other to see positive results.