How i Upgraded from Windows 8 to New Windows 10 Step by Step Guide


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Microsoft is really doing something cool, first they started by upgrading windows XP to windows Vista/7 then windows 8/8.1 and now finally landed in windows 10 and yes am currently enjoying the new windows 10 on my Laptop now see the screenshot below.

Now i decided to show you how i upgraded from my previous window 8 to windows 10 which is not hard at all but requires plenty of time and other resources such as:

1. You must have upto 6GB of internet data:

I happened to be one of those who rushed to upgrade to the new window 10 even when you can't see the window 10 upgrade disc in Nigeria so i downloaded everything online without buying any window 10 disc from the market which consumed almost 4GB of internet data downloading the windows 10 installation files.

2. Time and Electricity required:
I spent all night downloading and installing the window 10 on my laptop and you must be sure of electricity and standby generator to avoid power outage when downloading or installing your copy of Microsoft windows 10.

Though am not expecting you to go through all this as i did because you can now buy the window 10 installing disc from the market instead of wasting your MB or time downloading the window 10 online.

3. 8GB of Free USB Memory Card:
I used my new 8GB USB memory card and You will need up to 4-8gb USB memory card where you will first download the window 10 installation files before upgrading your Computer which is the best option because you might be needing it when ever your computer need to be repaired or formatted but remember it must be free and formatted USB Flash memory card in case of virus.

How i Upgraded from Windows 8 to New Windows 10:
Now let me show you how i sat am my desk and upgraded my window 8 to window 10 without buying or taking my computer to any engineers.

>> First i downloaded and Installed Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and when i run the file two option appeared such as:

  1.  Upgrading the PC immediately
    2. Creating an installation media

I selected second option 2 which is Creating an installation media that enabled me to download window 10 to my USB Memory card before i decided to upgrade to windows 10.

NOTE: I followed the below steps before downloading the window 10.

On the next page, i selected English as my language and then selected the version of Windows to install which i choose Windows 10 Pro and then selected my computer architecture makeup which is 32-bit but you can select 64-bit if your computer's architecture is 64-bit.

Once i finished downloading window 10 which took me lots of time to download up to 4gb file i open the USB drive and run setup.exe and window 10 started gathering necessary files and then installed, though be sure to select option as applied when asked to select any option.

Am glad to tell you that am currently using window 10 and it's really cool but i will be writing to share my experience with the new window 10 very soon but for the main time i will tell you that window 10 is really Good to use.

See the screenshot of my laptop running the window 10

Now that i have showed you how i upgraded to my window 10 you can follow the same steps to upgrade yours if only you have the required MB or better still buy the Window 10 Installation disc so that it will be more easier for you.


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