how to hide an image in a file


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how to hide an image in a file
Posted on: August 18, 2015, 12:05:57 AM
Step 1)Create a new folder with any name and
send all the content to it which you want to
Step 2)Once your folder is ready, right click on
it and click on add to archive. Remember either
it is a ZIP or a RAR file.
Step 3)Now put your archived file and the
image in which you want to hide content in the
same DRIVE.
Step 4)Now open Command Prompt (cmd).
Step 5) Go to the directory or drive in which you
are. Use CD / to go back a folder of CD name/
to go to the next folder.
Step 6)Once your CMD is in the same directory
as your files, type the following command.
copy /b image.jpg + archived.rar
Replace the name of your files in the command
above. Now you can see a new image with the
name newimagename.jpg which is much
heavier in size and contains your secret file.
You can send this file to anyone you want and
no other person will be able to see anything
except the image itself. Now the person whom
you will send the file should follow the steps
mentioned below to see the hidden files.
Step 1)Click on Windows icon and search for
Step 2)Now pressCtrl + O.
Step 3)Go to the location where image is
saved. Make sure to select alk files from the
dropdown box to see your image.
Step 4)Open that image. You will be able to see
all the files that are hidden in that image.


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