Going to School or being a graduate is not a do or die Affair.



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Going to School or being a graduate is not a do or die Affair.
Posted on: August 24, 2015, 01:49:11 AM

I don't know why most Nigerians believes that going to higher institution is a do or die affair especially girls and yes education is good no doubt but you shouldn't go extra miles just to be a graduate.

Why would a young girl that knows her family financial status and fully knows that there is no money to train her in the university and yet she forces herself and after getting admission what next?

She sells her dignity to get money to pay for acceptance fee and other required clearance fees and continues that way to pay her schools, handouts, sorting for the next 4-6 years in school.

I have seen many girls that their family hardly eat and yet she is in University VS Prostitution but the question is why?

You want to be a graduate at all cost, hell no it shouldn't be that way because you can establish yourself in so many ways and yet you will have a lot of money to go school just to upgrade yourself as a graduate as you wanted.

One thing you should remember is that no one writes graduate on his or her face because no one cares these days and am still saying it again you can be who ever you want to be without going to university and yet you can employed graduates to work under you and answer you Ma/Sir so what's the big deal.

If you are not opportune to go school because of the financial challenges involved don't sell your dignity just to be a graduate because there is no grantee you will get a nice job after graduating.

Desperation might not only lead you to devalue yourself but will as well force you to go and study some useless courses that will not take you anywhere just because you want to be a graduate irrespective of what you studied.

Imagine when you go for little courses so that you can get admission easily and after 4 years of indirect prostitution and school troubles no job, i know you might be saying not my portion right now but trust me you don't study Zoology in University and expect to work in central Bank of Nigeria or in an Oil company.

For the final time going to school or being a graduate shouldn't be a do or die affair because there are many fishes in the ocean, if this one don't work the other one will  work.

Personally i don't work for anyone, i work for myself being my own boss but not because am a graduate but because i discovered my talent which made me who i am and as am talking to you now i can't except any job offer worth N200,000 a month that will affect my current profession.

Always be wise many has died because of their carelessness and selfish desires


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