How to borrow Airtime Credit from MTN without paying Back


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How to borrow Airtime Credit from MTN without paying Back
Posted on: September 03, 2015, 12:28:52 AM
MTN recently started allowing their customers to borrow airtime credit when they don't have money to pay back once they have it and on their next recharge but some times you might not be happy that you can't recharge your line without paying back the money your borrowed but i will show you how you can play smart and still have your credit after paying for the credit you borrowed.

Well i don't mean you will not pay for the credit you borrowed No you are not a thief and will never be but i will show you the best way to do it so that for Example: if you borrow N100 worth of airtime from MTN, you can pay the 100 and still retain your N100.
All you need to do is to read carefully and follow the instruction accordingly.

First if you don't know how to borrow airtime from any of the Nigerian Network kindly read: How To Borrow Credit From Etisalat, MTN, Airtel, Glo Nigeria

Let us assume you borrowed N100.00 from MTN and you used up the credit,your are now left with only N0.00 , remember that if you recharge 100naira they will deduct the N100.00 meaning
that you just paid the amount you borrowed.

To avoid loosing the N100.00 airtime. The default code for Recharging on MTN Sim is *556# so instead of Using the Default pin Kindly by dialing *885*Your RechargePin# e.g *885*123452741249#

With this you have automatically paid for the N100.00 you
borrowed and still left with 100naira Bonus.