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Posted on: September 06, 2015, 04:24:40 PM
Have you have been using pc for a while and it crashes.sometimes you kept wondering what it is going on.
 here are the reasons why your pc crashes.
1.fatal error: it is when the pc is busy.that it when you open many applications on the pc.
the solution: press ctrl-alt-del(that is normally called warm booting) to restart the pc.
2.over heating:it normally occurs when the cpu fan breaks down.the pc fan is designed to cool down but when the fan is down
it normally results to crashing of the pc.
solution:avoid heated environment for your pc
3.bad ram: ram also know as random access memory. ram is the working memory of the pc.this is used for storing data temporarily.
and when the ram of your pc is low,it means it can process work as fast as possibly.it normally causes the pc to crash.
4.malicious software: malicious software like virus,worm etc.virus also know as (vital information resource undersign)this works against the pc defense.when it finally break down the defense
of the pc.
solution:use a good and updated antivirus to fight against malicious software like virus,worm and others.
5.power supply.the lack of steady power supply in the country really calls for attention.you cant use pc when it is below 10%
it is not advisable to do so.when you forget to save your work in your pc it is so immature to buy a ups(uninterrupted power supply) for
saving your pc from crashing.
hope you learnt alot from this.

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