Why making money online in Nigeria is hard the cause


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Why making money online in Nigeria is hard the cause
Posted on: September 08, 2015, 09:51:32 PM
The dreams of many Nigerians is to be making at least $5000 dollars every month doing online marketing but finding a way to make it happen is the biggest challenge facing them.

Among all these problems and challenges hindering them from making real money online, some of them is the one’s created for themselves starting from:
Social Networking websites like Facebook and 2go

With no doubt, almost every Nigerian youths spent 80% of their time on 2go and Facebook chatting than looking and working towards things that add more value to their lives, though I don’t say you should not chat with your friends and families but remember there is time for everything.

If you want to be great trust me looking for 2go star booster or 2go hacking cheats will never help you.
Spending all your time chatting will never take you to your destination if you look at most of the Nigerian Bloggers and internet marketers or successful forum administrators like Nairaland or Naijaloaded do you think that they are able to be where they are now by spending all their time saying I love you online, trust me they hardly have time for (how are you, am fine) except attending to their blog readers and followers or sharing their written contents for others to see which is of their own benefit
Learn how to use your time at your own maximum benefit especially when it comes to your future.
Apart from spending all your time on social Networks, there other big problems and challenges hindering money Nigerians from making real money online.

Limited online marketing opportunities:

Searching and finding what to market online is not that easy in Nigeria, many Nigerian businessmen and women lack the knowledge of running their businesses online and offline unlike other developed countries that knows the benefit and potential of running their businesses online, that is why Nigerians have limited online marketing opportunities.

Poor earning percentages:

Regardless of having limited online marketing opportunities, the one’s we see around, has nothing Good to offer, to get #500 naira online you need to work 50 times harder than others in more developed countries to get $100 dollars.
Fake referring and fake earnings

I must say that most of us made this mistake, at first when I started newly I thought that making money online is as simple as reading A B C D, I joined so many online referring websites which most of them will ask you to refer someone to register on their website and promise to give you up to $1 to $20 dollars per referrer, trust me 99% per cent of such website is fake you will never get any penny from them they are just using you to grow their website for their own selfish interest.

If you are currently doing refer and get online kindly think twice and check them well because making money online is not that simple it requires a lot of work, anything that looks too good online should be checked well to avoid wasting your time making fake money online.

Recently someone asked me how can I cash out my $5000 I made from vitalpay.com I laughed and I told him please kindly forget it you will never get it, they just used you to increase their visibility and membership.

Looking for Easy Money:

Most problem Nigerians have is that they need easy money, many of them are not willing to do what it takes to make real money and that is why they always fall a victim of fake refer and get a website that promises to give more from little work
In my next post, we will be discussing and pointing out some reliable opportunities Every Nigerians should utilize to make real money online and how to use their time effectively online.
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