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Posted on: September 08, 2015, 10:14:33 PM
Recently I published a post titled Why making money online in Nigeria is hard the cause which explains more about problems that might be distracting you from making money online in Nigeria
Today we will be looking at the solutions to that challenges and obstacles that hinder you as a Nigerian from making a sustainable income online.

This article will show you the ways to make money online in Nigeria doing one or two things but the questions remain what and how to make genuine money online
Below are the 4 Genuine ways to make money online in Nigeria if only you can follow the right step below:

#1. Blogging:

Do you know that some Nigerian guys are making thousands of Dollars online sharing what they know?
Blogging is all about sharing what you know how to do best and what you have passion for, coupled with more research and experiments.

Making money online

When you have a successful blog then you are already on your way to success, you can make money by creating a blog and after and making it popular you can then apply for Google Adsense which is one of monetizing method for blog owners, but there is also another method to make money online with your blog, you can read more about how bloggers make money online without Google Adsense

#2. Partnering with Forum Administrators:

Running a personal blog is entirely different from running forums because a lot of work is required to run a successful forum than blog because of that sometimes one person running a forum is not that easy that is why when you come to some forums you will see many administrators and moderators.

To make money online joining forum owners you must be willing and ready to offer a lot to please the forum owner, you must work together to see the successful running of the forum, by so doing you will also be expecting to be earning something from your little effort depending on the amount the forum is generating on monthly basis.

Note: When you join a newly created forum, don’t expect to be earning anything because the forum has not started generating any income for the owner but it will be better to grow the forum together depending on the agreement reached because you may not be accepted easily to join popular and successful forums as an administrator.

#3. writing and selling articles:

Your writing skills can pay off, you can still make money online even if you don’t have blog or forum all you need is to develop your writing skills and be able to research on a regular basis.
Ways to make money online writing and selling your articles

There are many companies looking for good writers to help expose their product online with written articles, apart from companies some bloggers are also willing to give out some cash if you can provide a perfect and threading articles depending on their Niche, I will also be personally interested in such articles.
One of the best website that gives you the opportunity to write and sell your articles to those who need it is Iwriter.

You can monetize your articles without the need of creating a blog or forum, you can write and publish your articles and watch them generate income for you by joining Revenue sharing Blogs and Forums
How to make money joining Revenue Sharing Blogs and Forums:

You can as well make money online by writing and publishing your articles on revenue sharing Blog such as Geek. ng, shoutmeloud.com which allows you to publish your articles and monetize it with your own Google Adsense ads by inserting you own ads codes around your articles if only your articles meet their requirement, though you need an Adsense account in other to make money online through this method and getting Adsense to require that you must have a website.

#4. Designing and selling website script:

Designing and selling of website script is another way of making money online in Nigeria,
Do you know that every day more and more people are trying to take their business online, can you design a good and perfect website for them?

In this method, all you need is to start from somewhere by learning how to design and once you have the basic knowledge required to design a site then you are good to go.

Selling already designed website script:
You might not wait for people to call you to design a website for them because you need to let them know that you exist first, you need to show them who you are and what you can do.
Using this method you need to buy a domain name and give it a professional design and write a well-convinced article with some of your designed scripts to show the world with you are capable of doing.

Secondly, visit some forums and blogs that allow you to showcase your script, you can visit envato.com SellAscript.com, to market and sell your script, you can as well create a Facebook fan page and show the world what you are capable of doing and you will be getting buyers by this means.

#5. Bulk Sms Marketing:

Have you had about making money online marketing and selling bulk SMS to companies, Churches and individuals?
Bulk SMS is no longer new to many Nigerians, some are already making money online through this Bulk SMS marketing.

All you need to make money online through this bulk SMS services is a little capital that can help you, partner, to some of big bulk SMS dealers as a bulk SMS reseller.

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