How bloggers make money without Google Adsense


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How bloggers make money without Google Adsense
Posted on: September 08, 2015, 10:19:59 PM
Have you noticed that most of well known bloggers around the world does not use Google Adsense or any other CPC Ad network on their blogs?
When I started blogging I was not aware of some ways of making money with blogs except the only popular and widely used Google Adsense but unfortunately Google Adsense does not perform well in some Niche blogs when compared to other means of monetization.
The truth is that bloggers can still make lots of money without Google Adsense and even more than what they can get from Adsense but you need to experiment to find out what works best for your blog and I will start by listing out 4 ways of making money online without Google Adsense.

I happened to be one of those who earn some income through Google Adsense on daily basis and they are the best among all when it comes to CPC ad networks but unfortunately they may not be the best monetization method for your blog, now let us look at some ways bloggers make money online without thinking about Google Adsense.

#1 affiliate marketing:

Bloggers makes money through affiliate marketing and even more than what they can get from Adsense,
Some Niche blog will never perform well with Google Adsense.
To make money with your blog through Affiliate marketing all you need is traffic and to get that targeted traffic you need to work harder by publishing unique and helpful articles regularly and building quality links that can help increase your blog visibility.

Once you have started seeing some reasonable traffic on your blog, next thing is to find good affiliate network/partners which you can checkout shareasale which has lots of affiliate’s partners all over the world that might suit your Niche type Blog.

After joining affiliate partners all you need to is to choose a product that best suit your blog which you believe that your readers might be interested in, use redirecting plugin to set your affiliate url the way you want.

The last part is to insert the url which you redirected on any keyword that relates to any product/services which will not only earn you money but will improve your site rankings but any affiliate links must be a Nofollow.

#2 direct contact from other marketers:

Do you know that there are thousands of marketers who are looking for hard working bloggers like you to do one or two things for them?
I will say that am a witness to direct contact from other marketers and they may ask you for link exchange, writing for them, to review their product for your readers to know about a particular product.

If you want marketers to be contacting you for a job then you need to work extremely hard because marketers is only interested in successful and popular bloggers and their blog not beginners who are not well known or with little or no traffic on their blog, they look for successful bloggers because that is the only means they can get their product/services to be known to the public.

#3. Product reviews:

In case you don’t know product review is one of the lucrative means of making money online for bloggers.
Most of the popular blogs don’t use Google Adsense because they receive lots of offers from marketers to write a review about their product and publish the review on their blog, which will be 50/50 to both parties, “you review a product and publish it with reasonable amount of money depending on the popularity of your blog, while the marketer gets targeted audience who might be willing to buy his product or know more about it” just simple as that.

One major problem regarding product review is that you need to work harder so that your blog can be attractive to marketers and what makes your blog attractive is the volume of visitors your receive on daily basis which requires lots of work and patience to attain to that level.

#4. Email marketing:

Email marketing is one of the best methods bloggers makes money online, in fact the success of some Niche blog depends on this type of marketing.
How does email marketing works?

Am sure you have had more about email subscribers and newsletters, bloggers provides mail subscription box on their blogs that allows their readers to subscribe and stay updated on that particular blog.

Once you decide to subscribe by putting your mail address into the subscription box you have given the blogger the privilege to email you, whenever he sees anything that may interest you, be it product or articles that might be helpful to you.
The mail bloggers sent to their subscribers often contains affiliates links which means that once you buy’s anything through their links they will have their own percentage.

If you are one of those that believes bloggers cannot make money without Google Adsense then you are totally wrong because there are bloggers who are currently making more than $2000 on monthly basis without Google Adsense and if you know other better ways bloggers make money online, I will like to see your own contributions

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