What is Bulk SMS and How to send it in Nigeria (Full Details)


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What is Bulk SMS and How to send it in Nigeria (Full Details)
Posted on: September 11, 2015, 02:02:24 AM
Many of you have been hearing about Bulk SMS for long but don't really know anything about it or how it works but after reading this article you will learn everything you need to know about Bulk SMS Services.

Bulk SMS as the name implies means Short Message Service (SMS) in a large quantity (Bulk) which enables you to send SMS in a large quantity at the same time and above all at very cheap price.

I have been using Bulk SMS to run my business and i am testifying that bulk sms is a perfect way to reach hundred's (100's) and thousand's (1000's) of people with just a few clicks on my phone or computer and if you have not been using it then it's time to start and stop wasting your money paying ₦4.00 per sms while you can send sms for ₦0,75kobo per sms.

Who can use Bulk SMS?
Let us see who can use bulk sms and the importance of using it.

=> Individuals (you and i): Are you planning your wedding or traditional marriage if yes then you need bulk sms to reach all your family and friends at a time without any need of calling them one after the other which will cost you extra money.

Do you also run a business that attracted lots of fans and you need to reach and tell them more about your business updates, you need bulk sms and stop wasting your money on calls or normal sms.

=> Organizations, Groups or Banks: You might want to contact your members to tell them about the upcoming meetings or inform them about the latest development that they need to be aware of, then you need bulk sms.

Banks uses bulk sms to send deposit and withdrawal alert, you always receive message when ever someone pays money into your account or when ever you withdraw money from ATM then guess what? They are using bulk sms to send you those SMS which only cost them less than ₦0,75kobo per sms and yet some Bank like Ecobank will still charge ₦4.00  per sms which is real business for them.

=> Churches: Many churches today have been using bulk sms service to reach their members when necessary such as informing them of the emergency meetings and other activities in the church.

How to use or send Bulk SMS in Nigeria
Well let us assume you don't know anything about bulk sms and i usually see many people paying business centers for them to send sms for them while you can just seat in your room and send as many bulk sms as possible.

Now to send bulk sms you will need to first build your bulk sms contact list with your phone or computer if you have a good phone.

To list out numbers on your computer left click on you desktop and select New-Text Document then open it and start listing out the numbers you will like to be sending bulk sms to like this:

Separate each number with comma(,) and save it once you have gathered all the numbers you will like to be sending messages but note you will need to include your number on the list so that you will know when the message is delivered or not.

Now that you have created your bulk sms contact list the next thing is to buy SMS UNITS from any of the Bulk sms services in Nigeria which you can find following the links below.

The price differs but each sms you send might cost you less then ₦1.00 which means that when you buy 1000 sms unit you can reach up to 1,200 people but when you use normal sms through MTN, GLO, ETISALT or AIRTEL it means paying ₦4,800 to reach 1,200 people.

You have your bulk sms contact list and have purchased sms units now lets send it.

Login to the sms portal/website and click send sms you will be referred to another page where you will have the options to send sms then copy and past your bulk sms contact list:

where you see SEND TO:

Choose any name you like as a SENDER ID, you might read this: Bulk sms blocked keywords in Nigeria (Spam Policy) and finally type your massage on the Text message area and click Send/Submit.

You message will now be sent to all the sms contact list you created within few seconds.
I hope you have learned everything you need to know about Bulk sms in Nigeria and if you still need more info feel free to comment below.

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