419 Dupe a Sales girl (10 bags of Rice worth 100K in Asaba Delta State)


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The hottest season of the year is fast approaching and as you are preparing to enjoy this season (December) you should also prepare for the worst.

This ugly incident happened today when a guy went to a shop where he luckily saw a sales girl whom he asked to come and supply 10 bags of Rice valued for N10,000 each to a Doctor and the sales girl felt so excited to sell goods worth N100,000 for her madam but unlucky to her she didn't know that she is dealing with 419 guys.

After loading the Rice to one KEKE and headed around Federal Collage Junction where they told the KEKE man to offload the 10 bags of Rice and after that the guy told the young sales girl to follow him to the Hospital to collect the money from the doctor but on reaching the said hospital the guy somehow disappeared and the sales girl actually met the doctor who claimed that  he knows nothing about it and behold the innocent young girl rushed to the place where they offloaded the 10 bags of rice and on reaching there everything was gone.

You should be aware that this 419 guys are not only interested in your money but your goods as well, so be alerted