MY ugly experience with MTN Nigeria (Read and Report yours)


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MY ugly experience with MTN Nigeria (Read and Report yours)
Posted on: September 20, 2015, 01:30:02 AM
This thread is for those who are currently facing one problem or the other with MTN Nigeria though you can chat with MTN online or call them through 180 but the question is, after calling and reporting to them what have they done about it, how did they respond to you and have they been able to resolve the issue.

I created this thread so that you can freely share your experience with MTN which am sure they will see it because they browse the net the way you do.

I will start by telling you the problem i had with MTN and how everything ended which i will expect you to do the same so that they will see that people are not happy with them.

I have been a big fan to mtn Nigeria until few days ago they forced me to buy Glo line.

Earlier this week i connected my phone to my Laptop to browse hoping that i had enough data because MTN normally warns me whenever my data is about to finish and the last time i checked i have about 200mb.

Before i connected my phone to my laptop i had about N1.457 airtime on my phone but do you know what happened? "As i disconnected my phone to make some call guess what i had (Their customer you have insufficient call balance to complete this call and your call terminated) i thought it was a network problem i retried and got the same message and behold on checking my balance i see 0.00 i told my self is a lie because am 100% that i still have internet data plan on my phone".

I sent 2 to 131 two times for them to show me the full details of my data plan subscription but i get no response after waiting but i remembered the code i used to checked my daytime data bonus balance which is *559*4# and behold i still have about 6MB but the question is "why would MTN take all my N1,457 while i still have upto 6MB on my phone and normally no network operators will collect your money even when you have 1mb on your phone"

Yes i remembered what to do, i decided to call MTN costumer care 180

Responses from MTN Customer care:
I called MTN to report the issue to them by dialing 180 and after some waiting and normal press 1 or 2 of a thing the first person picked the call and after some questions he confirmed to me that i still have 6.05MB on my phone and i asked him (then why is my 1,457 deducted from my phone) guess the answers?

"Sorry the system to check your details is currently not available"
the call ended with sorry for the inconveniences that i should call back.

I was not convinced and i called about 4 more times but sorry for the inconveniences ended the call but one simple truth is that both of the 5 MTN agents i called confirmed that i have 6.05MB on my phone.

I later used the remaining 6mb after waiting for a long time so that i can use it as an evidence against them but as a webmaster i can't stay for the whole day without checking my website or updating it.

The next day i called back when their so called system is available and after checking they said that they have forwarded my case to their engineers  that i will get a response within 24hours but after many days.

MTN Decided to cover their sin by sending this message to their customers including me (Dear customer subscribe to internet data bundle plan to avoid being charged on your airtime)

I Decided to forget about the N1.457 but similar thing happened to me day before yesterday but thank God i don't have much on my phone.

I have more than 4GB for night browsing which starts around 9pm daily but day before yesterday i waited to make sure the time is 9:15pm before i connected my phone and started browsing but mtn first wiped out my N9 balance before they started charging my data which i called them again after explanations on the process of checking my line the call disconnected and guess what after some seconds i received this message from Mtn
(Dear COLLINS, Your request with reference number MTN1-51097850356 has been resolved. Thank you for choosing MTN.)

Hhm. What a long story and am sure i have stressed you a lot but let the truth be told because am saying all this boldly and the reference number i added above is 100% correct let them use it and trace me and if they want i will even provide my number.

I love using mtn but this time i need to try something different and once i finish my current data plan i will move on to test how Glo works

Finally please feel free to discuss your own issues with mtn let them see it.


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