How to subscribe to Glo 1GB for N1000 Monthly data


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How to subscribe to Glo 1GB for N1000 Monthly data
Posted on: November 04, 2015, 04:36:39 PM
Yes you can now get 1GB from glo for only N1000 that will last for one month and i must say that this is the best suitable internet data subscription for those who browse for fun unlike most of us who run our day to day business online.

With no doubt glo is now the best when it comes to interent data subscription in Nigeria and the only Network in Nigeria that gives 4.5GB for N2500 to use day and night, 12GB for N5000 to us day and night and 24GB for N8,000 to us day and night.

You can know more about Glo All purpose Internet data subscription pack New Glo 4.5GB, 12GB, 24GB all day and night data plan and subscription code

The best thing about this Glo 1GB for N1000 is that you don't need to pay N1200 for 1GB from data re-sellers because you can now buy 1GB for N1000 naira directly from Glo Nigeria mobile Network and i will show you how you can get it right now.

How to subscribe Glo 1GB for N1000 Monthly data
To get 1GB for N1000 that will last for 30 days (one month) simply recharge your glo line with up to N1000 airtime and dial this short code to get the 1GB for only N1000 at the rate of N1 = 1MB.

Dial *777# which will give you more options to chose from.