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Xtremeloaded crew: Hello Sir,welcome to our xtremeloaded weekly interview

Sirbest: The pleasure is all mine.

Xtremeloaded crew: can you tell us a brief about yourself sir ?

Sirbest: I am Sirbest.
A Nigerian and a football lover who support Chelsea football club

Xtremeloaded crew: ok Mr Sirbest. do you played football in your youth stage

Sirbest: Yes

Xtremeloaded crew: Mr SirBest what positon do you played during your footballing career

Sirbest: supporting striker

Xtremeloaded crew: Wow dats a good positon sir. Who is your football icon?

Sirbest: Frank Lampard is my football icon

Xtremeloaded crew: you said yor club is chelsea football club of England
and they are currenty on the losing strek what do you think is the problem of the team sir

Sirbest: it is just a matter of time before my beloved Chelsea club get back to their winning form.

Xtremeloaded crew: we pray so sir, do you think it is the players that are not playing well or was is the coach fault

Sirbest: I cant blame anyone because every club sometimes have their bad time,it happen to dortumund last season so it is not a new thing in European football

Xtremeloaded crew: Coming to our own club side,the Enyimba of Aba have just won their seventh league cup with a match at hand. Is Nigerian league really improving to your taste?

Sirbest: Nigerian league this season have really improved over the last 5 years, it is quite encouraging.Nigerians are expecting more the league orgainzers.

Xtremeloaded crew: Can you tell us why you are called the "love president"?

Sirbest: (similes) I am called so because i write alot of love inspiring quotes which inspire people alot.

Xtremeloaded crew: Take you Mr Sirbest for spending you precious time with us. We hope to hear from you another time?

Sirbest: The pleasure is all mine.


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