Present Condition Of Nigeria


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Present Condition Of Nigeria
Posted on: August 05, 2012, 02:37:27 PM
   Nigeria is one of the most populous Nation in African Continent with poor standard of living and corruptions.
Today we will be looking into the problems we face in Nigeria
 Few months back Nigerians managed to succeed in Fuel Subsidy Removal, but today we are no longer talking about the fuel subsidy, the current problems many Nigerians are facing today is the high cost of living without any corresponding individual income, for instance as at the time of this post, in Anambra state Nigeria, within few months we see a lots of changes in the market "example" a cup of beans which normally fall below #30-45 is now #50-75, so many things in the country is now moving too high above the reach of poor people but my question is what is the cause of all this high cost of living in Nigeria, is it caused by the removal of fuel subsidy, by GOODLUCK JONATHAN'S REGIME or due to Regional Disputes (bombings) etc.
   Removing of Fuel Subsidy is not a bad ideal but the problems is can the Nigerian Government maintain and carry out the main purpose for removing fuel subsidy or is this another system of robbing the poor and increase the pocket of the Rich if i am wrong what are they doing concerning the persistant rise in the cost of living without corresponding increase in income.
  Today Eduction in Nigeria is now meant for the Rich not the poor, imagine poor Nigerians working too hard to go hgher institutions which cost approximatly #120,000-180,000 in some state Universities while Federal Universities Ranges from #50,000-150,000 in some Universities and above mentioned price is even too low to compare with The fees for University of Lagos and so many other expensive Universties in Nigeria, in this case how can a parents that cannot get upto #20,000-30,000 in a month train their children in school with other numerous needs.
   finally my Questions to the Nigerian Government is?
- Why are we seeing persistant rise in cost of living wthout any corresponding rise in individual income.
- why are we always seeing rising without seein falling and once  risen always hard to fall or impossible to fall.
- Is nigeria made for Rich only or for Rich and Poor?

Share your opinon with me so that Nigerian Governments will see and hear our cry.
   May God help us!

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Re: Present Condition Of Nigeria
#1 Posted on: August 06, 2012, 06:46:06 PM

my guy na true be dat. God help us like u said.

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Re: Present Condition Of Nigeria
#2 Posted on: April 03, 2014, 09:28:50 PM

The situation in nigeria is becoming almost unbearable for the poor masses. the rich become richer while the poor get poorer. selfishness and greediness has eaten deep into the bones of our leaders. until we have a selfless government, there will be no way out. may God help us in Niger! No be small small thing ooo...

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