How to Win CloseUP Big Contest promo


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How to Win CloseUP Big Contest promo
Posted on: November 25, 2015, 07:25:50 PM
There are ongoing Closeup promo in Nigeria called (BIG WIN CONTEST) which Closeup wants to use to reward many of their costumers who uses Closeup Tooth paste for their daily teeth cleaning and whitening.

I understand that many of us don't even know how to participate in this CloseUP promo and that is why i decided to write about and i will start by telling you how to win the Closeup Big Win Contest promo

How to win Closeup big win contest promo
To win the Closeup promo simply buy the new pack of closeup and SMS the unique to 38143

1. First purchase and entry will reward closeup consumers with N50 worth of airtime.

2. Second entry qualifies consumers for a draw to win a beats by Dre Headphone.

3. Third entry will reward consumers with N50 airtime.

4. Fourth entry qualifies consumers for a draw to win an Iphone 6

5. Fifth entry qualifies consumers for a draw to win a brand new car

In case you have any question regarding to the new Closeup big contest promo simple read the frequently asked question below.

Ques: Am I going to be charged once I send a message to 38143.

- No, you will not be charged. Entry for all consumers are free at all points in the activity; Consumers will never be deducted airtime for participating in the promo.

Ques: Once I get prompted that I will receive a call after my first purchase . Will I be charged for receiving the call.

- The voice call is from Close up and it is for free. You will be asked some questions and the consumer wont be charged for this.

Ques: When a consumer complains that the code is invalid

- Check with them to tear open the edges of the pack with a scissors and text the 10 digit code inside the pack to 38143 as some consumers might mix it for the 13 digit batch no on the pack

Ques: How many entries does a consumer have

- A consumer is qualified to the maximum of 10 entries . After the Consumer have reached a maximum entry limit of 10. He/ She gets a message prompt. A consumer can use another number on completion of two (2) full cycles.

Ques: When will I know if I have won a prize

- There will be bi- monthly draws . Where winners will be selected and a communication will follow on selected winners

Ques: I bought Closeup Naija Herbal /close up 60g/ 30g/10g but didn’t find any promo code in it.

- The Closeup Bigwin promo is only applicable to Closeup red 140g and Closeup Herbal 140g (The biggest packs). Images of it are on the Closeup red and Herbal 140g.

Ques: When is the promo valid till

- The offer is valid while promotion stocks last but terms and conditions apply

Ques: Whenever a consumer calls to complain about them not being clear on the mechanics / IVR recording or Text messages. What do you do?

- Always explain the rewarding ladder to the consumer, explain the IVR and read out messages received, for verification purposes.

Ques: A consumer calls complaining that they can not see/ read the code

- Ascertain it is the promo pack, then ensure they tear the pack open without tearing the area with the printing code. Also confirm whether the consumer normally wears glasses. If so request that he/she wears them

Ques: When a consumer calls, complaining that they were promised a prize on a previous SMS and have not receive the prize

- Confirm the message sender. Check the winning list with you and if their name is there . Kindly inform the Unilever team. If not please inform that draws are done Bi-monthly during the promotion period. So they still stand a chance to win something.

Ques: When a consumer calls, complaining that they were promised airtime, and have not received it

- Confirm that they checked their balance, before and after receiving the notification. They have received a notification from their network operator confirming the credit.

Ques: When a consumer calls, complaining that they bought the pack and cannot find the code

- (1) Ensure that they have purchased the promo pack.

- (2) Inform them to tear open the pack with a scissors/blade from the edges so as to avoid tearing away the promo code.


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