How to plan after Celebrating Christmas and New Year (Inspiration)


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How to plan after Celebrating Christmas and New Year (Inspiration)
Posted on: December 26, 2015, 07:54:17 PM
Thank God we lived to celebrate this year's Christmas and new year with our loved one's but if you are wise the question now should be after the celebration and enjoyment what next?

Christmas is a time we celebrate and meet our friends who lives in different places, Christmas is also a time when some people don't think about their lives and will be carried away with enjoyments, as I said earlier if you are really wise you will know that Christmas and new year is a time you need to think and amend your ways.

Christmas and New year is also a time you think about the past and plan the future, you tried and failed in 2015, how are you planning the year 2016 to make sure you succeed this time.

You did so many things that you are not proud of in 2015, then how about 2016?

Do you want to repeat the same mistake?
Do you want to see something Good in your life in the year of 2016?
Are you ready to make things happen this time after trying for so long?
Is you heart telling you that you are not living a Good live?

I don't know what your answer might be right now but I want to use this opportunity to tell you that you need to make right decision and right changes in other to see positive changes.

Don't expect things to be alright in your life while you are not ready to make it right.

God has showed us the way by given us life and good health but we need to do well by entering the door and making that wonderful life given unto us a worthwhile, sometime we keep playing to God to bless us without knowing that we are already blessed simply because we failed to follow the right path.

Let take this as an example, when someone sent a package to you in Lagos and you are busy looking for that package in Abuja then you are wasting your time, all you need to take note of is that the package has already been sent all you need is to follow the right direction that will take you to a place where your package is being kept for you.

God has already blessed many of us so let stop waiting for God's blessing just follow the right direction and grab it now because nobody will drag it with you, it's all yours.

I Draw a Map Every New Year
I don't know how you do your own but personally as others are celebrating i join them to celebrate with one hand and use the other to think about the new year that i have entered.

What you can see in my New Year Map
After changing the things that affected me negatively last year the next thing is to draw a map that i will follow which goes like this:

1. I will ask myself what do i want to achieve this year and then how will i achieve it.
2. what do i need in other to achieve what i need to achieve

After i figured out what i want and the possible means of making it happen i will follow it with no mistakes and that's how i do it so i don't know how you do you own but i encourage you to plan to succeed or you will plan to fail. two things are involved.

Finally i wrote this because am interested in your success and i want Xtremeloaded to be filled with successful business men and women, civil servants, people who make things happed in Nigeria.

Read and make a positive change and you will see things working out in your own favor.


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