Popularity is the King not content (Webmasters)


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Popularity is the King not content (Webmasters)
Posted on: January 13, 2016, 10:04:14 AM
Few years ago when i started blogging i was made to understand that content is the king and you must work harder to provide great content for your blog/website if you are to succeed in blogging.

Yes i still believe that content is the king and i work harder in making sure of that but then there are other kings not just content and one of them is Popularity, don't get me wrong yet i will clear your doubt.

A website that is more popular always ranks more higher than unpopular website, it's no long about the content here, i first decided to rethink and find out that popularity is real king after i visited one webpage that cleared all my doubt, according to him to find the best content on google search sometimes is when you go to the last page and those on the front top search is there because they are the most popular and trusted site not that their content is better than others and if you look at it you will know it's true.

I have seen some website that don't add more value to their visitors/members when it comes to their content but will always receives highest comments and engagements even when the content in question don't have any point to prove.

Above all content is still the king because that popularity started with great content, to gain that popularity started from somewhere and content played an important role in making sure of that a website becomes popular and trusted.

To be popular in search engines means that your website is trusted and to be trusted takes a lots which includes greats content.

Finally Popularity cannot be rated above Content because two of them works hand in hand, as i said earlier it takes great content to be popular and popularity and trust to rank your contents in search engines.

I  believe you have one or two things to contribute to the above arguments or have some questions to ask, kindly use our reply option to comment, i will be glad to see what you have in mind.

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