How to setup and make money with SMS marketing short codes


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How to setup and make money with SMS marketing short codes
Posted on: January 15, 2016, 12:46:34 AM
Am sure you are here because you want to know how to setup sms short codes and make money through it, yes you are at the right place at the right time just take your time and read till the end because I will give you full detailed guide on how to setup sms shortcodes marketing. and how making money through it works.

Well for those who might not understand what I meant by sms shortcode marketing it simply means that you can create a 5 to 6 digit numbers for business purposes like 33440, 12235, 11667 though am sure you have been receiving such messages on your MTN, ETISALAT AIRTEL or GLO line.

The truth is that such messages can be called SMS marketing through shout codes and am sure you might like to start such business right now.

Setting up SMS Short code can really change your life and solve your financial problems but such services can only be setup by few SMS short code providers that I will be listing below not from your mobile network provides like (MTN, Etisalat, Airtel or Glo) but don’t worry I will guide you on how to get it if you desire to start SMS marketing.

You know that some guys selling E-books on how to start SMS shortcode business will not tell you the amount involved all they care is to sell their E-books but I will tell you that SMS Shortcode marketing business is not for everybody because it cost not less than 50-400k plus to start such business.

How to setup SMS shortcode marking business in Nigeria
Now let assume you can afford up to 50k and above for the business you need to order and pay for Setup fee at any of the following sms shortcode setup provides below.

SMS marketing shortcode setup fees and plans
SMS Shortcode setup is categorized into two namely SHARED SHORTCODE and DEDICATED SHORTCODE.

Differences between Dedicated Short Code and Shared Short Code
Dedicated short code is designed to be used by only one brand.
All of the setup costs and fees associated with a dedicated short code are the responsibility of that one brand, which made it too costly and cannot be afford by many people who like to start sms marketing business and on other hand a shared Code is used by multiple brands, which will share the setup costs and fees etc, making it more cheaper and affordable to smaller brands though Keywords makes it possible for  different users and brands to share one short-code, also a keywords are used to partition each user to his own account without interference or conjunction of other people sharing that code.

The keyword is what your prospects will type first before any other information you want them to send to the code. Eg. Send ‘vote’ space ‘contestant name’ to 55812″.

The keyword in the example above is ‘vote’ while the shortcode is 55812′
How much can I make through sms short code marketing
Well I will tell you that how much you make on this type of marketing depends greatly on the volume of subscribers you are able to gather and to gather more subscribers you might find out the things others might be interest in such as health tips, relationships and love, inspirational quotes etc.
Below is how much each GSM network will deduct:

Tariff (NGN)    Visafone    MTN    Airtel    Glo    Etisalat
30.00 NGN    10.930    8.851    14.781    9.851    13.210
50.00 NGN    21.088    18.702    22.018    13.623    21.043
100.00 NGN    30.233    35.334    48.501    24.939    40.340

 NOTE: The charges above might have changed by the time you will be reading this.

How To Make Money From SMS Short Code Services in Nigeria
I have explained to you how the sms marketing works and to get started you need to get your own GSM  Short code and find a way to get people to subscribe to your sms short code.

Secondly Find out what people might be interested to subscribe to  and you will see the magic but don't expect to make much if you don't have lots of subscribers, so the hard work here is to get people to subscribe to your sms short code services and the money will be flowing in to your bank account.

Examples of SMS Short code

Example #1
From: 33115
Message Body:

Lord teaches me to put the roots of my faith in you, so that I can withstand any storm that I may face.
Amen! Reply (PRAYER @N100/Month) Txt stop to opt out.

Example #2
From: MNS
Message Body:

Get latest football news from SuperSports. Text SSW to 4900 for 7 days free, N30 weekly applies after.

Thanks for your time and in case you still have questions or contributions feel free to share your comments below.

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