4 Things you don't know about Men


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4 Things you don't know about Men
Posted on: January 20, 2016, 12:22:39 AM
I believe that you are here because you are interested to know 4 things women don’t know about Men but I assure you that you will not be disappointed because am prepared to tell you more about Men.
Let get started.

#1. Why Men look at you whenever you pass them along the road or anywhere.
Some Women might think that men look at them because they are beautiful and special but no when men look at you many things are involved such as:
   You are beautiful and look great.
Well I will not say that guys don’t notice your beauty or how great you look because they really do look at beautiful ladies who pass across them.
   You look ugly.
Just like the way men look at beautiful women they still do notice ugly one’s too so when men looks at you is either because you appear beautiful before their eyes or because you look so ugly that they even noticed your ugliness.
   The way you dress.
According to a popular saying “You will be addressed the way you dress” your dressing attract men to look at you but you must understand that men use your dressing to know the kind of life you live.

#2. Why they tell you I love you from every angle.
You might think you know the reason why men always disturb you and stops you along the road on several occasions which your answer might be because they like you but the truth is, 99 out of 100 men who approached you are fake lovers, they are coming for you because they like one side of your body or the other while some will even come to you when you are doing good business or working in big companies, finding a real love is not always easy as you know that nothing good comes easy.

#3. Why men can friend you but cannot marry you.
Well some girls can be careless with their way of life and that is why some men 10 girl friend and still tell their friend that he is searching for wife simply because they are fully aware that there are friendship material and wife material in a woman so ask yourself where do I belong Wife or just friendship material.

#4. Men don’t like heartless women even if it’s their wife.
I have seen in a situation where a married woman pushed her husband to the maid simply because his wife was unfair to the maid and out of sympathy husband and maid become more intimated than wife which might be a disaster in your home and truly men like fair justice in everything.

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