What change have you seen in Nigeria Good or Bad


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What change have you seen in Nigeria Good or Bad
Posted on: March 06, 2016, 10:22:43 AM
Whenever you hear about CHANGE first try to understand the type of change involved because there are two type of changes " Positive and Negative change"

President Buhari APC promised Nigerians a change during the campaign which we believed it was a positive change but the truth is that many Nigerian's don't know if this change is about Good or Bad.

I always say that is too early to know if we are in good hands or wrong hands but the fact remains that i have never seen that positive change and i will tell you what i see.

This government concentrated more in fighting corruption but left other things that needed urgent attention which we know in Govt nobody is a saint.

Which Govt is better?
=> With Corruption Govt fuel is sold at N87 while with No corruption fuel is sold at N130 and above presently.
=> With Corruption govt dollar exchanged between N180-N199 while with No corruption dollar is sold between N300-N400

Everything have changed and if i keep giving examples you will be tired to read what you have already known but the truth is that Nigeria is currently facing unbearable hardship i had never seen before and the worst is that our Govt are not paying much attention to the current situation while concentration on bring stolen money back and stopping Biafrans from existing or talking but the truth remains that you can't beat-up a child and tell him not to cry and even if you do he will still cry.

I don't know how you enjoy this present Govt but in my own opinion i really prefer my life as it was than this present govt unless something is done very fast.

In leadership when you claim that the person before didn't do well then you prove it by doing something far better, it's not about what you say is about what you do.