Apply for UNICAF’s 2016 Scholarship Programme


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Apply for UNICAF’s 2016 Scholarship Programme
Posted on: March 09, 2016, 10:15:21 AM
UNICAF has partnered with the University of South Wales, UK to offer more opportunities to students from Africa. The new partnership will provide students in Africa the opportunity to study in the renowned UK institution taking advantage of the UNICAF scholarships.. Students can now apply for the programme by visiting

In the launch event that took place in Cardiff, UK the partners announced initiatives that will help students from Africa study towards internationally recognized qualifications at a fraction of the cost. Such initiatives include:
a. More scholarships
b. More programmes
c. Improvements in the technology offered through the Virtual Learning Environment
d. Improvements in support services offered to students

In an opening remark by the Chief Executive Officer of UNICAF, Dr Nikos Nicolaou, “Sub-Saharan Africa, with a population of about 800M people, over 50% below the age of 19, is the most underserved region in the world for higher education. Less than 10% of potential students have access to a university education and millions of students are turned away annually due to capacity constraints. UNICAF was founded to bridge the gap and to make affordable international-caliber university education available and affordable across Sub-Saharan Africa”.

The CEO also sighted the above objectives as a guideline which UNICAF must continue to maintain, as they are associated with some of the challenges currently denying many Africans from studying abroad, but noted that through the UNICAF scholarships, these problems are as good as solved. Students will not necessarily need to face the challenges associated with VISA acquisition, Accommodation in UK, high cost of living, and other associated problems to obtain UK degrees.

More than 6000 students have already taken advantage of the UNICAF scholarships enjoying up to 80% reduction in fees. UNICAF already offered more than $35 million worth of scholarships and plans to offer even more in the near future.
It should also be noted that UNICAF is also in partnership with the Marymount California University, USA, offering an MBA degree programme. As at present, some of the programmes offered by UNICAF include:
• MBA – Master in Business Administration (University of South Wales, UK.)
• MBA – Master in Business Administration (University of Nicosia, Europe)
• M.Ed – Master in Education (University of South Wales, UK.)
• M.Ed – Master in Education (University of Nicosia, Europe)
• MA Education (University of South Wales, UK.)
• BA (HONS) – Business Studies: A top-up degree (University of South Wales, UK.)
• MSc Business Psychology (University of South Wales, UK.)
• Master of Business Administration (Marymount California University, USA.)

Students can apply for any of the programmes of interest by visiting