5 Question for men about their love and relationships


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5 Question for men about their love and relationships
Posted on: March 21, 2016, 08:49:16 PM
Relationship is a good thing but once you are in a relationship two things are involved is either you become happy or your heart will be broken but i really have few questions i want to ask every man on this forum.

I have 5 question to ask about the type of girl you can marry which is as follows.

1. Can you marry a women who always claims right all the time and never said am sorry for once?

This might sound strange to you but trust me such things happens in many relationship where a lady you are dating never admit that she made a mistake and never said am sorry for once in 3 years.

2. Can marry a woman who enjoys when people talk evil about you and sad when people say that they like your style?
Another funny question but am sure some people have this kind of problem with their lovers because sometimes in a relationship girls like to be praised by outsiders no matter the kind of life she lives.

3. Can you marry a woman who made nagging a hobby?
Some women believes that once they don't cheat that they are perfect and God sent but always made their partner restless with their nagging attitudes and hardly understands anything without a fight.

4. How can you feel if your wife tells you that she no longer needs you but only staying with you because of the children?

Am sure it sounds funny but trust me if you can tell yourself the truth then you will remember that once in your marriage that your wife might have told you something like that so how do you feel hearing such words from your wife?

5. How about a woman who never forgives
I have seen someone who will never forgive you no matter how you beg her and when ever there is any misunderstanding she will remember what happened 5-10 years ago.

Guys this question is for you and i need your opinion please and even if you have a perfect woman who don't do any of the above then let us know.