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Football betting is a good business for many Nigerians and some of us has become good at betting while some still want to learn all the tips on how to bet and win in football in Nigeria.

I have been betting for sometimes now and have taken my time to learn how things work in football betting so that I can share to other Nigerians who will like to learn more about football betting in Nigeria.

Note: The rules for football betting is that you must be 18 years and above before you can be eligible to bet as it involves risk of losing money and on the other hand winning money.

List of Nigeria Betting website you can use to bet
There are many websites that you can join, fund your account and play.

Below is the list of Nigerian major website you can bet football online.

  • 360bet

I will start teaching you how to bet by making sure that I teach all the important things you need to know about football betting and mostly the things that I find hard to learn when I started betting.

Home and Away in Football betting

Some people don't know when a team is playing home or away match but I have made it easy for you to understand with this image below.

The image above has shown you all you need to know about home and away matches any team that is listed first or by the left is the team playing home while the other is playing away.

Example 2
Nigeria VS EGYPT

Nigeria is home while Egypt is playing away in betting and I hope you are clear on that.

Betting Plans X-X1-X2 1X2-1-2-12-2.5

One of the hardest things to learn in football betting is the plans but I will explain it a bit so that you will understand them though there are different betting plans for different betting websites.

Betting plans codes and their meaning
X It means Draw, the two teams must not have a win but something like 0-0, 1-1, 2-2
X1 Means that the home side will win or draw for you to win
X2Means the opposite of the X1, the team that is playing away must win or draw before you can win
1x2 Means straight win which you will need to selected the team of your choice between home and away team that will win and if the match ends draw then you don't win.

1 Means the home side
2 means the away side
12 Means that any of the two teams must win
Over 1.5 Means that there will be more than 1 goal in the match irrespective of which team that scores the goal
Under 1.5 is the opposite of Over 1.5 which means that two teams must not score more than one goal in the match.
Over 2.5 both teams must score more than 2 goals for you to win
Under 2.5 Means that both teams will score less than 2 goals for you to win.
Goal-Goal means that both teams will score a goal irrespective of who wins

Other plans
first have a score, who will score, first half draw etc

The above plans are the hardest part for me to understand when I started betting and I believe some people still need to know it, that is why I decided to write about it.

Odds are what determines how much involved on the risk you are taking when betting and in betting some unlikely to win teams always get big odds than the team expected to win.

How much to win

How much you win depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take, example if Arsenal and Barcelona are playing if you choose Arsenal to win you will have a big odds that can make you win big but the possibility of Arsenal winning them is so little and that is how football betting works

If you choose like 10 teams with 2-5 odds and play it 200 you are likely to win between N50,000-1,000 0000 but the risk is always high when choosing a team with big odds because their chances of winning are 20% or 30% out of 100%

How to bet and win easily

Now you have learned all the important aspect of football betting and its time to learn how to play it and win.

To win in betting you must be watching football a lot and know which team that plays well before you can decide what to bet on them and another way to find out about a team who can win even when you don't watch football is when looking at the odds.

If 2 teams are listed on any betting website and one of the time has like 1.1 odds and the other time have 15 odds it means that the first team with 1.1 odds plays well more than the team that has 15 odds and when choosing you can choose the first time winning or draw X1 but if you go for the second one with big odds you will have a maximum potential winning but with 80% possibility of losing but if you are lucky anything can happen.

Football betting tips and help

I am not an expert in betting but I have decided to help with my little experience by posting all the betting tips here on regular basis to help you win big in Nigeria football betting in this thread on

I understand how much time you have spent in reading this article and I thank you for that all you need is to keep checking this thread for more betting tips and help.

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Thanks Everest. Please, can u add me on whatsapp group for any soccer bet on 07039419642. Thanks


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Quote from: samoy
Thanks Everest. Please, can u add me on whatsapp group for any soccer bet on 07039419642. Thanks
Hello i don't use any group, always checkout this thread for betting predictions

Henry Obiakor

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I will to be getting surebet of five to ten odds

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