love story for the heart


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love story for the heart
Posted on: March 30, 2016, 01:00:35 AM
She is soft. She is tender. She is weak. She goes through
emotional pains even more than u can imagine. She
wants an
identity for herself. She wants protection.
Sometimes she is
scared. Sometimes she just want a little cuddling and a
kiss here and there. She wants to make love and not
have sex. She wants to be hold after sex and here u say
"I love u".
She is a woman. She is a human being and she deserves
to be loved and appreciated.
She deserves the best you can offer. She wants a life of
peace and when she draws her last breath,it would be
with a smile
knowing that she was truly loved. Treat her special. Make
her feel
so loved that no one can entice or deceive her with love.
Make her days a happy one and make her feel the need
to want
to live each day she wakes up. Don't treat her so bad. A
woman just needs your full attention.


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