How To Remove Shortcut Viru From Flash Drive


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How To Remove Shortcut Viru From Flash Drive
Posted on: May 29, 2016, 09:37:28 PM
We make use of computers in our day to day activities, as a matter of fact, they are an essential part of our livelihood as we utilize them to run tasks such as watching movies, surfing the net, blogging, playing games, school projects etc. Our activities o the internet expose & makes us vulnerable to virus attacks through some of the files we download from third party and untrusted websites and this is where the concept of having an antivirus with an updated data base comes in, this is in order to help clear malware infected files we have already downloaded and as well protect us from future potential threat. We transfer our downloaded media files tour friends & co-workers smartphones and computers through the use of USB cable and Flash drive but sometimes in the middle of this, our smartphones and external storage devices gets infected by shortcut virus which makes our valuable files corrupted and unreadable. The best way to get out of this kind of situation in the past years is to simply format the external drive while we lose all our stored data that might not be retrievable, below, I am going to teach you how to remove shortcut virus from your external drive/storage without losing your files, cool right?

 Method 1. Through Command Prompt.

    *Connect your infected flash drive to your PC.
    *Click navigate to cmd by searching from your windows home.
    *Copy the command below, paste into your command prompt and hit enter.

    "ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D I:*.*" - Without the quotes.

Simply replace I in the command line with your flash drive's attributed letter i.e. the letter you will see when you try to access your external storage from your computer. After your data might have been restored, remeber to make a backup of your important files on your personal computer, format your flash drive then restore the backed up data.

 Method 2 : Through Smadav Antivirus.
This is one of the best and easiest method to get rid of shortcut virus simply because the app itself is light i.e. the size of the software isn't huge coupled with an awesome easy to use interface. After your device might have been connected and detected by your computer, Smadav will automatically scan your flash drive and in the process eliminate the shortcut virus and it also shows any hidden file that is eating up your space on the flash drive.

 How To Remove Shortcut Virus With Smadav.

    *Download SmadAV antivirus here.
    *Connect the infected flash drive to your computer.
    *Once detected, SmadAV will start scanning automatically.
    *Once the scan is complete, a list of the infected files will be presented to you.
    *Select all files and delete them from your system.

 Method 3 : Through Winrar.
Most people only use this particular light weight multi purpose tool with awesome user interface and graphics software called winrar to decompress rar files but its also a good tool for shortcut virus removal through its powerful file compressor feature that allows you to view files that are affected by shortcut virus We know you may thinking about data compressing. Winrar is good tool to remove a short virus from our USB or flash drive. It is a powerful file compressor which has a capability of viewing the files which are infected by shortcut virus.

 How To Remove Shortcut Virus With Winrar.

     *Download Winrar here.
    *Connect the infected flash/external storage
    *Open Winrar on your personal computer.
    *Locate the affected flash drive through Winrar's interface.
    *All the infected files will be shown normally, highlight all.
    *Create and archive with the highlighted files.
    *Once done, copy the created archive from your flash drive to any folder on your system.
    *Format the flash drive and extract the archive you earlier created to it, your drive should be free from shortcut virus by then.

 Method 4 : Through USB Disk Security.
USB Disk Security is a powerful system Utility program which helps in the protection of external storage devices from malware related activities like shortcut virus and the likes. It can also be used to set password protection on our external drives.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus With USB Disk Security.

    *Download and install USB Stick Security HERE.
    *Once the infected flash drive is connected, this smart application will scan and remove shortcut virus from your drive without any help whatsoever from you.

 Method 5 : Through USB Fix.
USB Fix is an utility program which was built specifically for the removal of all sort of viruses from external storage devices e.g. hard drive, flash drive e.t.c.

 How To Remove Shortcut Virus With USB Fix.

    *Download and install USB Fix - Download here.
    *Check for any unsaved work because this app will close all other open apps while running.
    *Connect the affected flash drive,click on clean.
    *It will clean the connected drive making it free from shortcut virus.

We have gotten to the end of the tutorial, I really hope I have helped you guys in one way or the other. If there is any other effective method you will like us to include in this post, kindly make mention of it in the comment section below. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

All the specified download links in this post can be found on this link - newbielink: [nonactive]

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