How to block Auto Video Play in Firfox, Chrome and Internet Explorer


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I was pushed to write about this article today when i was browsing and opened many tab on my browser not knowing that one of them way busy playing a video that i don't watch or have any interest to watch and all my data was consumed by this video since my laptop was on silent that made me not be aware that one of the tab i opened was playing a video.

I also notice recently when browsing on facebook post feed that a video clip uploaded by someone can just start playing without your permission to do so and sometimes i have to click the video clip to stop it from playin which can be annoying and may consume so much data when you have less data plan to manage.

Now the question is how can we stop such thing from happening?

After the what happened to me today i looked for a possible solution to stop any video click from playing on my browser with my permission to play and the good news is that i found some solution to that problem and am here to share it with you.

If the main reason why you are on this page is to block Video files from playing automatically when browsing on your computer than your problem is already solved.

Solution to block Video Auto Play in Firefox and Google Chrome
Below is the simple solution to stop any video clip form playing automatically when you don't need it.

Firefox Browser
To block such action in Firefox browser all you need is to download and install this Addon called Stop Tube which you can download Here, once downloaded and installed no video will play automatically without your permission to play.

Google Chrome Browser
To block video in Chrome you need to edit some chrome configuration sittings and turn off flash auto run by following this simple steps

To turn off Flash autorun in Chrome type chrome://chrome/settings/content into the URL bar. Up pops a “content settings” page.

Scroll down to “plug ins” and select “click to play,” and then “done. It's that simple. After that, every Flash screen will have a gray error message. Just click it to play the content.

Internet Explorer Browser
You can equal block Internet Explorer from playing internet videos when you don't indicate any interest but can only be done through ActiveX filtering, all you need to do is to follow this stops blow.

According to Microsoft, you only have to go to “tools,” select “safety,” and enable ActiveX Filtering. When you come across a page containing Flash videos, there will be a blue icon in the URL bar, indicating that the autoplay has been blocked.

But if you want to see a video on the page, you have to click on the icon, which allows you to turn off ActiveX Filtering for that site. If you want to turn it back on, it's the same process over again. A bit cumbersome.

I hope your problem is now solved but if you still need any more help don't hesitate to use our reply option below to join the conversation.


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