DSTV packages, Channels list and subscription price


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DSTV packages, Channels list and subscription price
Posted on: June 28, 2016, 05:24:37 PM
Updated 1st May 2024: DStv has finally increased its subscription price despite the court order restricting it from raising its package prices. However, after visiting their official website I saw that the new subscription price has been updated accordingly. So it's now a reality that the new DStv package price is as follows:

• Confam is now N9,300 instead of N7,400
• Compact+ plus is now N25,000 instead of N19,800
• Compact is now N15,700 instead of N12,500
• DStv Premium bouquet is now N37,000 instead of N29,500.

Below is the list of Dstv packages and prices to choose from.

1. DStv Premium, Price: NGN 37,000

DStv Premium is the pinnacle of entertainment, offering an extensive array of content across 160+ channels. Here’s what you can expect from this top-tier package:

Movies and Series: Immerse yourself in a world of cinematic magic with channels like M-Net, M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2, and fliekNET.
Sports Galore: Get your adrenaline pumping with ALL SuperSport channels, covering a wide range of sports events.
Kids’ Delight: Keep the little ones entertained with 10+ kids’ channels.
Audio Bliss: Enjoy over 95 audio channels spanning various genres.
Streaming Included: DStv Premium subscribers also get access to Showmax, where you can binge-watch exclusive series, movies, and more.

Whether you choose the decoder and streaming option or go for streaming-only, DStv Premium ensures you’re at the forefront of entertainment

2. Compact Plus, Price NGN 25,000

DStv Compact Plus is a premium entertainment package that caters to discerning viewers in Nigeria. Here’s what you need to know:
Channel Variety: With over 145+ TV channels, DStv Compact Plus offers an impressive lineup. From sports to movies, lifestyle, and documentaries, there’s something for everyone.
Top International Football Leagues: If you’re a football enthusiast, this package is your gateway to thrilling matches. Catch the action from La Liga, Serie A, and more.
Award-Winning Documentaries: Dive into thought-provoking content with channels like National Geographic, where captivating documentaries unfold.

Monthly Subscription: For ₦25,000, as updated on the 1st mAy 2024. Enjoy access to up to 3 decoders and 2 streaming devices. Watch live TV and on-demand content online. You can even download shows to your smartphone or tablet.
Annual Subscription: At ₦137,500, unlock entertainment for the entire year, paying only for 11 months and getting 1 month free.
Showmax Discount: Subscribers also enjoy Showmax at a discounted rate.
Whether you’re a sports fanatic, documentary lover, or movie buff, DStv Compact Plus delivers a premium viewing experience.

3. DStv Compact, Price: NGN 15,700

DStv Compact is a popular subscription package offered by MultiChoice, an African leading entertainment company. It's tailored to provide a balanced selection of entertainment, news, and sports channels at a more affordable price than higher-tier packages.

Here are some key features of DStv Compact:

Affordability: DStv Compact is priced lower than premium packages like DStv Premium but still offers a diverse range of channels.

Channel Selection: It offers a mix of entertainment, lifestyle, news, and sports channels, catering to a broad audience. Channels may vary depending on the region but typically include popular options like M-Net Movies, SuperSport channels for sports enthusiasts, international news channels, and various entertainment channels.
Sports Coverage: While it may not include all sports channels available in higher-tier packages like DStv Premium, DStv Compact still offers a decent selection of sports content, including football, rugby, cricket, and more.
Entertainment Variety: Subscribers can enjoy a variety of entertainment content, including movies, series, reality shows, and lifestyle programming.
Flexibility: DStv Compact subscribers can also access DStv's online streaming service, DStv Now, allowing them to watch their favorite shows on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

4 DStv Confam Price: NGN 9300

DStv Confam is a family-oriented entertainment package that brings joy to households across Nigeria. For just ₦7,400 per month, you gain access to a delightful selection of 105+ TV channels, including 1 HD channel and 11 audio channels. Here’s what you can expect from DStv Confam:

LaLiga and Serie A Action: Sports enthusiasts can cheer for their favorite football teams with live matches from the LaLiga and Serie A leagues.
Africa Magic Channels: Dive into captivating dramas, movies, and reality shows on some popular African channels.
Documentaries and Reality: Explore thought-provoking content through documentaries and enjoy the real-world drama of reality shows.
News and Kids’ Channels: Stay informed with news updates, and keep the little ones entertained with dedicated kids’ channels. For list of the channels read: DStv Confam Channels Lists & Package Price (Updated)

5. DStv Yanga, Price: NGN 5100

DStv Yanga is a budget-friendly subscription package by MultiChoice, offering diverse entertainment channels at an affordable price. It includes a variety of entertainment, lifestyle, news, and sports channels like Africa Magic Yoruba, Telemundo, and SuperSport Blitz.

While not as extensive as premium packages, it provides a well-rounded entertainment experience, with access to movies, series, reality shows, and sports highlights. Subscribers also enjoy flexibility through DStv Now, MultiChoice's online streaming service. Check out the channel lists: DStv Yanga Channels List 2023 (Subscription price)

6. DStv Padi, Price: NGn 3,600

DStv Padi is a wallet-friendly subscription package by MultiChoice, tailored to provide essential entertainment channels at an accessible price point. It offers a curated selection of channels covering various genres such as entertainment, lifestyle, news, and sports.

The specific channel lineup may vary by region, subscribers typically have access to popular channels like Africa Magic Family, M-Net Movies 3, SuperSport Blitz, and channels for news and lifestyle content. While it may not offer as many channels or premium content as higher-tier packages, DStv Padi still provides a decent entertainment experience at a more affordable rate. Additionally, subscribers can enjoy the flexibility of streaming their favorite shows and events through DStv Now, MultiChoice's online streaming platform. For more on DStv paid read: DStv Padi Channels List 2023 and Subscription price

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