Beware of Nigerian Bank Details Phishing Scam (must read)


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Beware of Nigerian Bank Details Phishing Scam (must read)
Posted on: July 09, 2016, 11:00:38 PM
I have been receiving lots of phishing scam email trying to get my bank login details and the most surprising thing is that sometimes they will send you a mail claiming to be a bank that you don't even operate, like when you operate in UBA bank they will sent you a mail claiming to be from Access Bank that you don't even use.

I have received the same mail several time that prompted me to write about it to help you protect your bank details from fraudsters, it doesn't matter if you are using GTbank and they sent the mail claiming to be GTbank, what i will teach you will help you know when the message is from your bank or not.

Here is one of the scam mail i received
Dear user,

Important security notice, Your Account Was Accessed from Diamond Mobile App to which your email "[email protected] ", is attached.

SATURDAY, July 9, 2016
If you didn't access or made this login, Kindly.

NOTE: All apps made by DIAMOND BANK meet security standards. An action is required so as not to leave your account vulnerable.

Diamond Bank keeps you instantly informed about login activities on your account.

Your online security is our priority, Thank you for your continued patronage.

You can see above that they are trying to make it look real and helpful but through the address i was able to identify that them mail is not from Diamond.

It was sent to me through this email address [email protected] which looks like this [email protected] <[email protected]>

Second example

GTBank <[email protected]>
To Recipients
Jul 6 at 4:24 AM
This message contains blocked images.

According to our records, you registered for our Guaranty Trust Electronic Notification System (GeNS) and this comes with a monthly charge
of N15,050:00.
If you wish to reject the registration request,
cancel_customer_digest_ monthly_bulletin_request/ 5172b0044fe84408661228b4131d2d 8cd39a8bce71a09622777922f1d764 7d1ecf7ecf6faa966c3cd0480ef447 44d1235fcecedf9753bb7a012f808f 7d9210de?cancel=1

Thank you for banking with us.

Now to help you understand more about phishing the first question is What is phishing?

According to Google safe browsing "Phishing is a particularly popular scam in which a party creates an official-looking web page that asks you to provide your username and password, or other personal information such as your Social Security number, bank account number, PIN number, credit card number, or mother's maiden name or birthday.

In many cases, you'll receive a link to this phishing page via an email which claims to come from an official-looking (but probably forged) address. You can also end up at these pages by following links that you find on the web or in IM messages."

How to knowl if a page/link is a fake?

The best thing to do is to check the page's URL to make sure it's actually controlled by the party it appears to be controlled by. The crucial part of the URL is the part between the http:// and the next slash ('/'). (If there's no slash, start at the end of the URL.) This is the part of the URL that determines site ownership. Some popular domains, for instance, are amazon, google, and ebay:

In some cases, URLs will be a bit more complex; be sure to check the name listed immediately to the left of the top level domain (.com, .net,, etc.).
For instance,, and are all part of the same site. However, is NOT! Neither is (note that in this URL, the letter o is replaced by the number 0).

Tip: Since a forged URL can look very similar to a genuine one, it's safer to use a bookmark you've created or to type the URL into the location bar by hand instead of following links from your email. This is important for any page where you're asked to log in or provider private information

How to report and block phishing links
There mainy ways to report phishing email to your mail provider like google and yahoo or block them from sending more messages, all you need is to follow this simple steps.

Report phishing scams if you are using Yahoo

Select the email you're reporting.
Click the down arrow next to "Spam."
Click Report a Phishing Scam.

To block them open the mail and click more on the top right side and select block you will see something like this:

For Gmail

Sign in to Gmail.
Open the message you'd like to report.
At the top-right corner of the message, click the down arrow next to the "Reply" button.
Select Report Phishing


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