Mbaka enough of this your senseless and self motivated speech of yours


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Nigerians are no long fools that can easily be deceived because we have known the truth.

I don't know and am not interested to know how good your relationship with the current administration but you should be mindful of what you say because lots people trusted and looking up to you so therefore what you say might affect those people that believed in your word either positively or negatively.

Recently i saw what you said about Nigerian economy and hunger which you shifted to the past administration and former president Goodluck Jonathan precisely.

Mbaka does it mean that Jonathan is the only president you know in Nigeria, after you contributed to his failure for second term as a president we all believed that the messiah have come and we all expected to see Nigeria being transformed to United state of America but unfortunately you still don't allow this young man to rest Goodluck Jonathan.

Sir (Mbaka) may i remind you of what Iaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light, and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”.

You are partially deviating from the work God sent you to do for him to the other but i will help you remember those work, God want you to preach his word and win souls for him, preach salvation, give hope to the helpless by tell them that there is the creator that will be there for them in the time of needs, make the world know that there is only one God the master, faith decider and controller of the universe.

Preaching what you personally see as truth is not bad but preaching to Nigerians about the good president and bad president or present and past administration is not what we need from you and if i may ask how do you identify the good and bad?

The APC you defend is still the PDP which you knew when half of PDP Decamped to APC or do you think that changing locations can change personality even though that today those PDP members who decamped to APC has suddenly became saint while the remaining PDP members are all corrupt which is funny

Finally Mbaka you should be worried about yourself because many of your followers have left since the last General Election because you did the right thing in a wrong way.

This article is written by Uche Oko from Enugu