My Message to Opera-Min and other Ads blockers


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My Message to Opera-Min and other Ads blockers
Posted on: August 12, 2016, 08:28:58 AM
With more ads blocker being introduced on a daily basis it might soon be hard for some bloggers who depend on CPC/CPM ads to succeed and the latest one is the new Opera min mobile browser that made implemented ads blocker as the main feature of their new Opera Mini for mobile.

Which means you might be seeing more traffic to your site without seeing the earnings because 70% of your ads has been blocked that is why i decided to write this public letter to opera and their likes.

My Message to Opera-Min and other Ads blockers

I congratulate Opera Company for their great job providing the most secure and fastest mobile and pc browser in the world.

I have a little complaints that i will like you people to look into concerning the new opera min mobile browser that gives user option to allow or disallow ads when browsing, i must say that the option does not favour content writers and bloggers in general.

If you ask opera mobile users to make a choice concerning allowing or disallowing ads then 90% of users will definitely disable ads, now it favours the users that they can now surf faster and uninterrupted without ads but let us remember that those information (articles) being consumed is writing by someone else, personally as a blogger i stay awake when others are sleeping to research and write something unique for the end users to consume and get more knowledge, find answers to their questions and possible solution to their problems.

Many of us who provide those information that opera-mini users are consuming depends on one Cost Per Click ads or the others.

The question is how do you expect those bloggers to succeed when 80% of their website visitors uses the opera browse that blocked all their ads in which they get rewarded through ads for their hard work.

Am aware that there are many ways to block ads but using it as a key point to attract more people to download and use opera-mini is not good, the worst part is giving the users option to block or allow ads on installation.

Everything should be 50-50 consume what i have and i will possibly get little token through ads if actually you have an interest on it

This is not just my own view/opinion because i made enquires before i decided to write this public letter to opera and i hope they will understand my point.

If you are a blogger kind share your own opinion below.

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