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About my boy friend
Posted on: August 28, 2016, 07:55:47 PM
If Your Boyfriend of above 30years,
has all the latest fashion glasses, has all the latest face caps,has all the latest fashion cloths, wears expensive perfumes, wears expensive watches, uses expensive phones,even bought one for you,
Wears expensive shoes,
But he still lives in his younger brother's house...
Come forward,
Come come, don't be afraid,what is doing you is not ordinary...
God has remembered you today
Raise your hand up...
Raise it up very well,
Then bend it and place it on your head,preferably where your mind tells you your brain is located,
Then repeat this prayers after me,
Oh Lord!
Wherever they have buried my brain, in my maternal village,in my paternal village, in the coven,
Vomit it now!!!!
oya start singing,
Vomit! Now! (1000x)
When you're done....Go back to your house and never meet with that BOAN again!
Cos if you do,Both your destiny and your brain will be reburied,

Some things I see..just dey tire me shaa


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