Support Senate’s decision on 3yrs result validity, NANS tells JAMB


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The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS has urged the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, to live with the reality and support the Senate’s decision on the three years validity for results into tertiary institutions without any reservation, saying it will ease the hardship Nigerian students faced in seeking admission.

In a statement by NANS President, Comrade Chinonso Obasi, he said that any attempt to reverse the decision may meet the anger of the entire students in this country.

The statement read: “The Nigerian Students are solidly behind the decision of the Nigeria Senate to extend the validity of Jamb to 3 years. It was merriment among the students when the bill passed through all the stages in the Senate. The leadership of Nigerian Students applauded the Senate for the prudent and sane decision that should not be reversed.

“We urge the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board to live with the reality and support Senate decision without any reservation as it eases the hardship of the Nigerian Students. Any attempt to reverse the decision may meet the anger of the entire students in this country.

“Another issue that has become so worrisome over days is the unjustified decision of the Nigeria University Commission to abrogate the Diploma Programme in our Universities. The reasons advanced for this decision are lame and wingless.

“The Diploma program in the Universities served as alternative choice for thousands of Nigerian Students that wouldn’t get admission into their desired higher institution. The education facility is not enough to accommodate all the graduating students from the secondary schools.

“Diploma as a study in the University helps to keep Nigerian Students busy whenever they were not admitted; it keeps them away from idleness that could render their hands to the evil.

“This decision is unjustifiable and a form of wickedness to the Nigerian Students that take Diploma programme as a better alternative for idleness. We urge the NUC to look into the matter and make appropriate reversal of decision in order to save Nigeria from the consequence.”