0.03btc to 164btc join the team


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0.03btc to 164btc join the team
Posted on: October 25, 2016, 12:41:56 PM
So many shy away from online investment because of fear of scam, Zarfund counter all that fears and it’s perhaps the most legit investment in the internet sphere. Some of the reason are:

*The founder is Hannes Jordaan. Most HYIP (Scam) don’t have Founders/C.E.O

*Zarfund gives you total control of your money, you are your own bank, and you receive and pay your money. All your funds are in your bitcoin account.

*You can withdraw all your money anytime, any day, anywhere. You don’t have to wait for 30 days neither are you given any condition for withdrawing your money. Zarfund is as free as Shoprite, you can walk in and out as you wish.

*Nobody at all have access to your money not even Zarfund.

*Zarfund don’t pay you, members pay you. Zarfund is just the platform.

This new buzz in town offers endless possibilities and you can make so much with your Team. Zarfund is a Teamwork platform and we are the leading team in Africa. We will be the first Group in Nigeria to produce a plethora of level 6 investors. Teams are formed in Zarfund to assist investors with referrals, so all you basically have to do is join a team and invest.
To join our Team send me a message on WhatsApp 07034638473

Your only need 0.03 bitcoin to get started, and you could get upto 128btc

NB:  No one person can have more than two referrals, that’s the maximum.