Adidas ends German anti-doping support


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Adidas ends German anti-doping support
Posted on: October 25, 2016, 03:10:22 PM
German sportswear giant adidas is ending its financial support for the country’s anti-doping agency NADA at the end of the year.

Company spokesman Oliver Brueggen told dpa on Tuesday it had informed NADA early in the year it would not be extending the sponsoring contract beyond 2016.

Brueggen said Adidas was in talks with NADA over “alternative forms of cooperation.’’

The company’s stance against doping in sport remains unaltered, Brueggen said.

“In all the contracts with our athletes it states that we will immediately end the contractual collaboration with a proven doping offence,’’ he said.

According to Bild newspaper, the current contract between adidas and NADA is worth 300,000 euros (326,600 dollars) a year.

It quoted NADA executive board Chief Lars Mortsiefer as saying the agency was “very sorry’’ to be losing an original partner. No reason was given for the decision, he said.

Adidas had in January said it would terminate their sponsorship deal with the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) four years early, amid doping and corruption allegations surrounding the organisation.

The company informed the IAAF of their decision following the revelation of the doping scandal which has rocked the sport since November 2015.

The IAAF signed an 11-year deal with Adidas in November 2008 worth £5.6m (US$8m, €7.4m) a year and the organisation represented one of their longest-serving official sponsors alongside Canon, Toyota, Seiko, TDK, TBS and Mondo.

The BBC had reported that Adidas have cited breach of contract in relation to the allegations of corruption as justification for ending the agreement.

IAAF later issued a statement saying that it was in close contact with all its sponsors and partners as it embark on reform process.