Getting married differs from getting happiness


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Getting married differs from getting happiness
Posted on: October 30, 2016, 12:36:39 PM
Marriage is a beautiful thing before God and man and is also recommended that every man or woman should find their missing born and get married when they are mentally, financially and physically ready.

This article seems like a lesson and at the same time a question "do you Agree that Getting married is not getting happiness", some married men and women are tied of their marriage while unmarried youths are desperate to get married at all cost.

Before i begin with my question i must tell you that no matter what marriage is still a good thing in a man or woman's life irrespective of how you are dealing with your own marriage right now.

Now moving back to my question, do you agree that getting married is not getting happiness, i don't know the answer you have for this question but i will be hopping to get your response below but before then i will tell you what i think.

Different people marry for different reasons such as:

- For companionship and happiness
- To have children
- For money
- To Revenge

Yes am sure you will be surprise to see the reasons above but trust me some can marry to revenge while some will marry for money so don't disregard any of the mentioned reasons.

There is nothing like a beautiful home but building a good home is not an easy task but with God all things are possible.

Getting married does not guarantee happiness and to tell you the truth you might get married with wonderful kids and yet you are not happy, if you are married you might agree or disagree with me.

If you husband or wife lacks understanding and don't know your feelings you will understand that with Money, Children you will still not be happy because what you need most is missing.

I don't know what you need most in your marriage that you are missing right now but let not forget that in life nothing is perfect and complete and for that we must learn to endure.

Marriage tends to be more sweeter at first and later to reality but with true love every other things can be handled in a lovely way but if you doubt me then tell me how happy you are since you got married at least after 2 years.

Finally marriage is a necessity but something more than happiness, we see many breakup in marriage because marriage is not all about sex and happiness but something more of good understanding, endurance, true love and compromise.

If you want a happy home be ready to listen and understand your partner, be ready to compromise most of the things you love most and learn to endure certain things for the sake of you family.

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