Don't be afriad to buy things online in Nigeria


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Don't be afriad to buy things online in Nigeria
Posted on: October 30, 2016, 01:45:48 PM
Many of my friends have asked me if buying stuffs like phones and other electronics works in Nigeria or are they scammers that is why i decided to write about this topic so that you will relax your mind and shop only safely.

I have already written something similar here: How to buy Anything online in Nigeria safely but i decided to write more about it so that you will be convinced.

Buy things online in Nigeria is good and not bad as many have labelled everything in Nigeria a scam and if you think that way then you will later know that you are wrong after reading this article as am writing not only to tell you that is okey to shop online in Nigeria but also how to shop safely and be free of scammers.

If you are afraid to buy things like Smartphones, cars, electronics of any kind then don't be afraid because you can actually buy something online and it will be delivered to your doorsteps as expected.

Safe website to buy from in Nigeria
This is the first thing you must know before you can buy online in Nigeria to avoid being scammed, first there are two type of site you should know such as.

=> E-commerce website
=> Paid and Free ads listing website

- E-commerce or eCommerce: is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet or online social networks.

Examples of E-commerce website in Nigeria
To make it more easier for you to understand i will list few e-commerce website in Nigeria.

- Konga
- Jumia
- slot

The 3 website is the example of an e-commerce website and when buying from the above website you don't need to be afriad because when your buy from their website they will process it and make sure they deliver to your doorstep and some of them even have what they called customer protection to protect you as their customer.

- Paid and Free ads listing website: is a website that allows selling of products and services from individuals or companies and don't take full responsibility of selling any product or services but can only try to prevent scammers through verification of contacts.

Examples of Paid and Free ads listing website
Here is the examples of paid or free ads list website

- Jiji
- Olx
- Cheki

The 3 website above is an examples of free and paid product ads listing website.

Buying from Free product listing website is more risky than buying from an E-commerce website but there are simple rules when buying anything from free product listing website which is as follows.

Rules for shopping and buying online in Nigeria
• Try to meet at a safe, public location
• Check the item BEFORE you buy it
• Pay only after collecting the item
• Possibly don’t go alone

Buying from any E-commerce is a bit secure because a website like konga or jumia will handle the payment and delivery process but rules on product differs always read the delivery rules and other fees attached before completing payment online to be sure, also remember to be sure that you have checked what you are paying for.

Finally i have bought so many things online in Nigerian including Mobile phones and other electronics without any fear since i knows the rules.


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