Clement channels David Luiz to clinch CliqLite award


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Clement channels David Luiz to clinch CliqLite award
Posted on: November 02, 2016, 06:53:25 AM
It is not often that a defender shines brightest at youth competitions, but 14-year-old Benedict Clement is no ordinary talent.

For one thing, and very unusually for a young player, he has only ever wanted to be a defender.

“I’ve always played as a central defender, everywhere I go,” Clement told Goal.

This focus was evident, as he constituted what was at times a one-man barrier in front of the GSS Kaduna goal, so much so that he ripped one of his boots and needed a change of footwear.

He was, however, humble when faced with this facts of his performance, and instead praised his team.

“I alone can’t play. It is with the help of my teammates and coaches that I play better, because they encourage me.”

His defensive responsibilities did not prevent him from scoring the winning goal, as he shot improbably from his own half to catch out the opposing goalkeeper. It was a flamboyant effort worthy of his defensive idol, Chelsea’s David Luiz.

Asked if he would like to grow out his hair in similar fashion, Clement laughed. In a couple of years, that may well be the only department in which the Brazilian defender is superior.

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