New Year Guide and wishes to all Xtremeloaded visitors and member


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Happy new year 2017 to all the members and visitors of xtremeloaded forum i am glad that you are just reading this article because you are among those of us who made it to the year 2017, there are many who couldn't see this article because they are no more alive but i think God that we are all here.

Firstly i will like to use this opportunity to thank you people for being part of Xtremeloaded because without you we are nothing and for that we are planning to start a loyal readers promo that is designed to reward all the active members of xtremeloaded but thats by the way until then.

Now that God made it possible for you to be among the living in the year 2017, what next?

Well the first thing to do now if you have not done so is to relax and think how you lived your life in the year 2016, find those things that affected you Negatively and make some changes immediately just to make sure that the year 2017 will be different and better.

Don't forget that you need to plan to succeed or else you will plan to fail, your destiny is in your hands and nobody can change it no matter how they try because you are destined to be the head and not the tail.

Life is like a game, learn it, master it and win it simple, sounds funny right?

Yes life is a game you have to play your cards well to get what you want out of life, it doesn't matter what you want or how you want it but what matters is how you can get it.

Some of us has bigger dreams but don't even know where or how to start but i tell you start from somewhere and you will surely reach somewhere all it takes is to stay focused and don't allow anybody or anything to distract you because you know exactly what you want.

Don't remember those steps you took to succeed that failed you because winners don't quits keep trying am sure you are almost there but remember with God all things are possible.

Finally i hope you are encouraged and motivated because on behalf of Xtremeloaded forum team we want you to be successful in life and to know that God only help those who help themselves.