How to Play lotto with your phone using *755# no internet required


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Do you know you can now play Lotto games with your mobile phone sitting in your house without going to any lotto shop to play lotto again, know you might be asking yourself how buts its simple with the introduction of *755# by Premier Lotto company.

Premier Lotto Nigeria is one of the highly recognized lotto company in Nigeria especially in Logos and now they have come up with a better idea that will help you play lotto with your mobile phone at home or on the go because they knew how stressful it can be going to lotto shop every minutes to play and check lotto results.

*755# Is a special short code design for the magic of playing lotto with your phone and the most important thing is that you don't need an internet connection on your phone to play all you need is to dial the code just the way you check your mobile phone account balance.

What are the things i can do with *755#
The truth is that with this code you can do a lot such as checking lotto results, playing all Premier lotto games and Ghana games, apart from lotto you can equally use *755# to play football betting and more.

How can i get my winnings

This question is the most important question many ask about playing lotto using *755# but to answer that question all you need to be able to withdraw your winnings is to open a diamond yellow account and if you want to learn more on how to open diamond yello account kindly follow: How to withdraw or Fund your Diamond Yello account

Things you can't get using Premier lotto short code *755#
I spent sometime trying to find out how the premier lotto short code works and i discovered that there are things missing on the system such as Lotto Machine draw number which are very important when forecasting games but if you have a phone that can browse you can always visit this thread where we publish all lotto results in Nigeria both winning and machine numbers. All LOTTO RESULTS IS ONLINE HERE

You may not be able to use the code with every Nigerian mobile telecommunication network i only use it with MTN Nigeria but am not sure about other network but i suggest you try it with any other network that you are using.